STILL having sigil opening problems

Ok I got the mastering evocation course in hopes that it would help me with this issue,but he doesn’t go into it anymore than he does in his books.I know I’m in the tg sync I’ve been able to do that for a while,but the goddamn sigils won’t open! EA makes it look so easy to do this,and I know most of you can open them with no problem,so I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.I focus on my goal,I relax my gaze,I see the static rain on the sigil but it won’t fucking open.Can some of you guys share your methods on doing this? This is suppose to be one of the easiest steps but I just can’t do it.Thanks for any advive

what exactly are expecting to see when the sigil opens?

Most times I just see the sigil float off the paper. It is more about the energy rush and the presence of the spirit. Though lately I have had some visual effects. Once I could feel the spirit’s unbridled power flowing from the sigil I would continue the ritual, even when there was little to know visual effect the rituals still worked.

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Look at the sigil with unfocused eyes. Rather than looking at the lines of the sigil, look at the ENERGY the sigil represents, the energy it emanates. Tap into it, don’t treat is as a simple drawing. Let it come to you, just notice the energy more and more. Observe it in depth.

When the spirit is in the room, you should have an intuitive feeling that the sigil is opened. You look at the sigil and feel like it’s alive. A familiar feeling of closeness, like the sigil KNOWS you look at it.


Take an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and a thick black marker and draw it BIG.

LOL! Drawing it big doesn’t work for me hehe… :stuck_out_tongue: I used to do that at first, but then I realized that I can sense the energy much better if I look at a small image. I can envelop it better with my eyes and see it as a whole.

My recent problem with activating sigils is that only half of the lines have been disappearing and reappearing. I can feel the sigil charg up with energy but it doesn’t reach critical mass. I don’t strain my physical eyes during this process but my third eye builds up a ton of pressure. Last time I grounded myself after the ritual and the next day my third eye was sore all day.

Perhaps you may be trying to hard to get it to work ‘perfectly’ because it is frequently that may not happen all the time.

I’ve started to try this sigil use myself and noticed that maybe at times its my eyes or my brain playing tricks on me, but I just slip back into focus and not be too bothered by that. Perhaps the attainment of ‘critical mass’ energy will produce a more pronounced effect, but the more important thing is to establish a functional connection to the entity (before you set out to do whatever is it you do), is it not?

Not to mention, you can probably get better with daily practice at it. And build it up block by block if necessary.

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[quote author=AcidKing link=topic=1815.msg22930#msg22930 date=1379539524]
what exactly are expecting to see when the sigil opens?

All I see after charging the sigil with my own energy and it flashes yellow,but I feel no pressence at all.I do however feel a presence when I stand with my athame outstretched forward and call the spirit into the room by calling its name and qllipha or sephirah if I know it.Should I do this BEFORE opening the sigil? Because I beleive the yellow flashes are just my energy.

Ah. Well, the major application of spirit seals is to evoke the spirit into the seal. If you’re just using it as a link, you can write the name of the spirit and that will do just as well. The flashing effect just means the link is “active.” You’ll still have to command the spirit.

Ultimately, you should be able to say, “Jim-iel come,” and he’s there, so don’t go padding and complicating. Aim to be able to do the full basic operation in ten minutes or less.

uh sir, why you need such a presence.

The spirit probly there already. It might be your sense that not connect well to the spirit presence

rather focusing on spirit presence, i would focusing on my goal :blush:


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