Sticks for sigils?

Can I just use sticks for sigils, or do I need to use parchment, paper, or can I use paper and sticks? The sticks add nice dimension to my demonic altar and add a more natural feel! I really like forming sigils from sticks… opinions?


In what way are you using sticks? Most Goetic seals are pretty complex so I’m not really sure how you would create them using sticks. Do you have an example?

If you’re looking for a more natural feel, try burning the seal into a piece of wood or painting it on a rock.

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That looks cool, go for it! Magick is within you, not in objects.

I’m assuming you are thinking of tying or gluing little twigs together to make sigils. That sounds a little too complex but the sigils might turn out cool after you put in the effort.