Stealing luck

Like the title says, im curious about the methods in which one can steal luck from an individual, for science of course. And if possible, would a luck stealing spell also bring bad juju my way if i end up hexing a person? Once again, this is all for science :wink:


Do you want someones luck for yourself or do you want them to be unlucky?

I want to take the person’s good luck, incorporate it to myself, in addition to taking his health/sanity and/or cursing the individual


Good reply here from an older discussion:


I kinda posted without even hitting that searh bar, my bad. Can remove the post if you want to, ill just research better lol

NO, wasn’t meant as a passive agressive thing, I just thought that answer from E.A. was really good, my bad for not mentioning more context (edited to fix that). :blush:

This thread’s good, keep ideas coming folks. :+1:


Lol nono, i didnt think you were being passive aggressive @Lady_Eva, just tryinna keep my spam minimal and keep our forum clean

The reason I ask this question, is because I’ve finally cast off the doubt and embraced my path and who I am. Now, it is time to make my will reality. In order to do so, I’ve got to give my dark side a little wiggle room. Been keeping it chained for too long.

Now, I’ll ascend on the broken bodies of enemies. Desperation is the main driving force behind the baneful magic for me, however when I’m not being objective, it’s retribution that the god i used to worship never gives. I reject the infringements upon my domain.