Steal something from the future

lyrics forex predictions stock market predictions games of chance may change results are the same
can change flow, for example made today a match its
the result will be tomorrow is permanent either someone will win or someone will lose this is real possibility spirits demons gods can wander in any time zone and can give real results For this result which asset gives

Not possible, there are infinite possible futures ahead of us, nothing is set in stone.
Have you heard of the butterfly effect? One small but seemingly insignificant event could change the future drastically.

Don’t steal, write your own.

And even if you could steal popular songs (which is a shitty move), you don’t have enough exposure and relationships compared to the bigger artists to make it a hit.

Edit: every big success depends on MANY factors.


Apollon i work with I have enough audience
is this rapper you

No, it’s just a coincidence lol

and background and words can make a song hit
Even someone who is not known can be famous with a song the point is rhymes and melodies

let’s say in the future We played a song by travis scott or kanye west The artist can’t get this song off as the copyright of this song will be ours the future will not be affected