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Receive lifetime access to the world’s most powerful magick education, and ignite your spiritual ascent from the safety and comfort of your house. Streaming in high-definition to your television, mobile phone, and desktop, you can watch E.A. Koetting, Bill Duvendack, Orlee Stewart, Enoch Petrucelly, and more top black magicians perform live ritual demonstrations, as they demystify and illuminate modern secrets of ascent.

My catalog features 19 courses divided into three categories: (1) Mastery, (2) Pathworking, and the (3) Nine Demonic Gatekeepers. Browse all classes below and save as much as $3,000 right now.

1. THE MASTERY SERIES — Learn to awaken your godlike powers
Mastering Divination & Clairvoyance | E.A. Koetting
Mastering Evocation & Spirit Possession | E.A. Koetting
Mastering Soul Travel & Astral Travel | E.A. Koetting
Mastering Kundalini & Energy Work | Robert Bruce
Mastering Psychic Self-Defense | Robert Bruce
Mastering Astral Projection | Robert Bruce

2. THE PATHWORKING SERIES — Learn magick from around the world
Black Magick: The Left Hand Path | E.A. Koetting
Haitian Vodoun: Initiations & Loa Rites | E.A. Koetting
Norse Magick: A Left Hand Pathworking | E.A. Koetting
Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis | E.A. Koetting
Egyptian Black Magick | Bill Duvendack
Rite of Deification Mastery | J.S. Garrett
The Ars Goetia | Orlee Stewart
The Black Witch | Enoch B. Petrucelly
The Heathen: Sinister Shamanism | Asbjorn Torvol

3. THE NINE DEMONIC GATEKEEPER SERIES — Real-time initiation with demons
Belial: Without A Master, Gatekeeper 1 | E.A. Koetting
Lucifer: The Enlightener, Gatekeeper 2 | E.A. Koetting
Azazel: Steal Fire From The Gods, Gatekeeper 3 | E.A. Koetting
Abaddon: The Angel Of The Abyss, Gatekeeper 4 | E.A. Koetting
Lucifuge: The Lord Of Pacts, Gatekeeper 5 | E.A. Koetting
Beelzebub: Lord Of The Flies, Gatekeeper 6 | E.A. Koetting

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Remain healthy and strong… stay home and perform magick!

Godlike Power,
Timothy & E.A.