Statue of Baphomet in a dream?

So a few weeks ago i was at my bed, playing with my phone when suddenly i feel tired and sleepy. When i came to, i saw what seems to be a ruins of a temple in a lush forest. In the inner part of the temple there’s a tall statue of baphomet made of a smooth stone with 2 green coloured gemstones as its eyes and one more on its head. It has some symbols that looks weird and hazy. Then, a hooded figure appeared and asked me in an echoing, roaring voice to shoot the gemstones with a bow that the figure lent. I tried to hit it with a few miss shots and after i hit one of it the figure opens its robe and out comes a naked woman that congratulates me on hitting it. The i woke up in my room, my back drenched in cold sweats. I wonder if this dream is some kind of message or something. Either that or i played too much games lately lol. What do you think?

A qliphothic calling?

Ask lady Lilith what she thinks.

Not sure due to not working with this spirit/being any good at interpreting dreams, but maybe someone else has some input. :+1:

You could try the Decoding Your Dreams thread.