I’ve been on studying for months now and noticed that for at least two months that everything I see especially walls looks static. Kind off how watching TV on an old television looks but maybe not as bad.

Anyone else have this experience?

This often happens to me whenever I scry on the environment and mirrors. Wallpapers with patterns are easily in affect to scrying, as I’ve experienced this.

Do the static vision comes with colors, similar to having a thin layer of filter in front of your eyes, too? Is it swirling and moving, like a misty “blanket”? Do you see some tilting effect that tries to bend, similar to witnessing a weak earthquake? If so, you’re very close to astral project clairvoyantly. You only need that tiny little push to break through completely.


The funny thing is that I haven’t scyed and almpst every wall in my house is plain white.

The static vision is there nearly permanently. It’s mostly white and sprakles in a way. I do see shadows and orbs at times too.

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Seeing this static is the sign of which you’ve entered the theta gamma sync.

Many people call it static, many others call it the morph. Inside the static after observing it, once it grows in intensity you’ll notice orbs/sprites in there.

Congratulations this is the theta gamma sync.


This is awsome! I learnt something new today thanks to you😁

Does it end? Or is this permanent? I find it weird because I wasn’t even trying.

Then maybe you should check your eyes at a hospital, especially as you described that vision as being “nearly permanent”. Cataract can make your vision permanently blurry and even filtered and the longer you stay with it, the bigger chance of you becoming blind increases.

It’s the consistency that worries me, because a Theta Gamma Sync is often triggered and wears off after a short amount of time. But, hey, my head chakra is fully opened with soft pressures on my head that’s been constantly on for 8 years now, so maybe you have something similar going on with your eyes?

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EA states ‘trying’ to enter these states will end up in failure.

Instead just relax and zone out and enter it, this happens every time we adjust our sight, if we then adjust our breathing it gets deeper.

Once the Theta gamma sync is deepened it becomes the rapture state, which is used for stuff like possession.


Sure I will get them checked out. It would be better to get it out of the way first.

So you’ve had this feeling on your head for all this time?

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This sounds beneficial in many ways.

Yeah, but that’s because I feel my spirits on a physical and an emotional level.


Then there could be a hidden meaning behind my eyes🤔 Perhaps I need to look deeper into the Spirit World?

Yeah. Clairvoyance is an awesome ability to have. :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity, is it possible for me to have trapped myself in the Theta Gamma Sync?

No, it would be impossible to trap yourself in TGS. It is a brainwave state, and is regulated by both your brain and your body. Eating something heavy will naturally snap you back to ordinary consciousness (aka the beta state) because it withdraws focus back into the body. It’s why you are told to eat something after ritual. It grounds you.

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I have this, since working on magic it has become very strong in half light or darkness it is like a think blanket. I have no medical problems. Id describe it as static like off an old telly but its coloured. Occasionally it will form shapes but mostly its just there

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If I look to see it, I will see it at all times.

Otherwise, it becomes part of the background.

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That explains why one of the Deities I work with told me to carry a snack each time I do a Ritual.

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This is my situation. Apart from tht fact that I wear glasses.