Starting With Quimbanda

Within the coming weeks I’ll be starting my study and eventual practice of Quimbanda. Any advice or tips from those familiar with the system?

No advice or tips, but I’m curious as to your progress with your study thus far, & how you’ve begun your study as well.

Interesting that you found out it similar with Goetia :slight_smile:

The interesting is that there are many spirit names there, and many Brazilian names…

Were these living gods before they die physically? That’s what some histories leave to know about these spirits.

You guys may like the site if your not already aware of it.

Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold’s books on Quimbanda are supposed to be excellent and cover a lot of material. I own them but have yet to read them. I guess he does go into somewhat how parts of the Goetia, as well as other grimoires, were absorbed into Quimbanda. There is the Christian aspect but yeah it seems to be more from a Gnostic perspective.

My mistake. I guess there is no Goetic influence per se, but many people draw parallels between Exu and Goetic spirits.

Quoting Francisco Marengo from the Temple of Kimbanda:

Exus are magical personalities who had incarnated as a human in the past, generally with deep knowledge about Witchcraft, Magic and Occultism. They are connected with the nature elements, and have their point of force near this elements (earth, air, fire and water) and locals like beaches, forests, cemeteries and crossroads, they can cure, protect or destroy the enemies. They are specialists in financial questions and to bring solutions to our material problems. They are faithful to who are faithful to them.
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I’m gonna start practicing Quimbanda soon as well. Got the boom Exu: the Quimbanda of Night And Fire by Nicholaj and so far it’s an excellent book. The system is more low magic, primitive, trad witchcraft rather than high ceremonial magic.

That’s the beauty of it/that system is general. It’s not High-Ceremonial Magick…very minimalistic regarding all that, which, for me…I happen to really appreciate.

Frisvold is THE man. I can’t say enough positive things about him. I’ve had email correspondence with him before and I highly respect him as an author and practitioner. may I suggest following his blog…

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  2. Before reading and/or starting your practice, I would recommend reading “Craft of The Untamed” by Frisvold too. He recommended I study that text as well before going any further. An excellent tome to cover all the bases of what one is getting into from a 50,000 foot view of what Craft is etc…

Highly highly recommended friends!

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That is the best any of you can do without initiation. It is a religion, akin to the mystery religions of ancient Greece. The true secrets are only privy to initiates.

[quote=“Baphomet, post:1, topic:574”]Within the coming weeks I’ll be starting my study and eventual practice of Quimbanda. Any advice or tips from those familiar with the system?[/quote]if you google quinbanda you can find the gnostic book center in L.A.

I got my reading from Tata Alufa` Mavambo Ngobodi Nzila of the House of Quimbanda. Very good. I highly recommend him.

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I got my reading from Tata Alufa` Mavambo Ngobodi Nzila of the House of Quimbanda. Very good. I highly recommend him.[/quote]

You intend to study Quimbanda ?

Should the Spirits provide me a House, yes.

Once I have my bearings on my current spiritual practices, I will seek. I suspect it will be quite away off though.

I have explored what it is about, the practices that are written about and who the Exu are that walk with me. Which is very encouraging.

The use of herbs and trees, Check.
Continuing to learn more about the herbs and trees of my own area of operations, Check.
Working with herb baths, I make and use them weekly. Check.
The work with spirits, plant, animal, human, etc. I do that.
Continuing my weekly offerings to the ancestors. Check.
Finding and working with more of the “local” dead witches and the like. Check.
Consistently making the offerings to energies I work with. Check.
Doing “works” where certain energies reside, check.
Performing works of healing, yup, I do that and have been my whole life. Check. I have over 20 years of EMS and hospital experience.

Those are but a few of the many practices that I have read about that I have been doing for quite awhile now. I’m working on my Portuguese and my singing voice. Learning how to use the maraca. So much more going on with that tool than most even know. Harm or heal, your choice. Learning how the Hinarios and Prontos are sung. There is most certainly a cadence and whatnot. Learning about Brazil and the culture (My step mom is Brazilian and I am participating in a Brazilian spiritual practice out of the Amazon). Working on my divination abilities. And of course. . . Learning how to work with my spirit. I am learning how to trust and work with her in all matters of my work. This is something very new. And. . . I like it.
So for now, I’m building relationships with certain Saints that will further my mediumship and magical skills.
Learning the “mindset” of the Congo and Bantu. Life is harsh, accept it, work with it. Embrace the challenges as opportunities for growth and the development of wisdom.
Be firm.
Work more.
Show mastery of Patience.

Eye, you asked in another thread what I was going to do with my spirit, obtained through the working of Dante’s grimmie, now I know.

Can you pm me about those books please ?