Starting with evocation

Hi:) i’ve seen Koettings clips on youtube and it made me come here:)
Just couple of questions to clean my thought.

  1. What tools is needed for a full evocation?

  2. In what book does koetting describe about tools and beggining of evocation for begginers?

  3. Is it possible to summon a spirit without practice? Or if i practice koettings methods? Because i really want to summon Lucifuge, I have this intention and focus, it feels like im gonna be succssesful because of my will.

  4. Does the circle of pacts protect you from the spirits?

  5. What circle do you reccomend for a begginer?

  6. Have you had any success with koettings work like spells rituals and evocation?’

  7. In which book of koettings is the begginer steps for spells(witchcraft)

Thanks for your time:)
Sorry if i ask many questions.

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1: You
2: Evoking Eternity
3: Yes. Yes.
4: No.
5: The Universal Circle
6: Yes.
7: Works of Darkness.

Thanks. But i can see circle of solomon in BALG and other sites. They are not exactly the same. Are The solomon circle in BALG reliable? Has anyone bought it ? whats ur results with the circle?

The tools i got right now is:

Dragon’s blood ink.
Feather pencil for ink
Incense (dragon’s blood,frankincense’myrh)
Virgin Parchment
A little cute Couldron for my offerings like incense or alkohol.
Anointing oil.
White Selenite Wand (got it from a friend)
Smal Triquetra chalice 4 3/4"

Are any of those useful for evocation?
I don’t have a dagger, My father would whop my ass if he saw a athame. What should i do about the ‘‘dagger’’ problem?
And give me some more information about the circle of solomon because i’m planning on buying it end of the money when i get my $$$$$$.

*End of the month when i get my money in the bank:)

EA’s Circle of Solomon is his interpretation of the traditional Goetic circle. As a beginner, you would be better served by the Universal Circle as it is good for ANY entity, whereas the Circle of Solomon is not. Also, there is an entity bound to the Universal Circle that aids in getting the cooperation of the evoked being.

As I wrote above, the only tool you really need for evocation is You. Incense is useful for physical materialization, but none of the tools you listed is necessary for evocation. EA’s system is not Wicca or Traditional Ceremonial Magick. It is designed for the least amount of tools, as a lot of beginners get too caught up in gathering implements, instead of focusing on training their minds.

If you are serious about learning evocation, I would suggest saving your money and purchasing EA’s Mastering Evocation course. It will teach you everything you need to know.

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But ‘‘Mastering Evocation’’ Course, what do you learn? Is it for begginers?
And what does the universal circle do?

[quote=“Peter000, post:7, topic:4362”]But ‘‘Mastering Evocation’’ Course, what do you learn? Is it for begginers?
And what does the universal circle do?[/quote] In the course you learn everything necessary for evocation: How to get into the theta/gamma sync, which is the state of awareness necessary, how to open spirit sigils to help open your senses, scrying into a black mirror, fire, and water, etc. It is meant to take you from knowing nothing about evocation to the evocation of any entity you want so, yes, it is for beginners.

As for the circle, it doesn’t “do” anything. Google magick circle and you will find pages and pages detailing the purpose of a circle. It cements the magician’s place in Eternity. It is the centre around which reality revolves. It doesn’t “protect” the magician so much as it defines the magician’s universe. The script written around the Universal Circle was given to EA by various entities, including the demon Azazel, and it aids in the materialization of spirits. EA has a video with all the details. You can find it on Youtube or use the search function on the forum. but you could simply draw a circle in chalk and still do a successful evocation.

Some guys i know said that the circles doesn’t work. Like the Circle Of Solomon

[quote=“Peter000, post:9, topic:4362”]Some guys i know said that the circles doesn’t work. Like the Circle Of Solomon[/quote] Have you not done any research of your own? Of course the circle “doesn’t work.” The circle has no power of its own. All power comes from the magician. If the magician doesn’t have a clue, then the circle is just a diagram on the floor.

But the REAL Circle of Solomon work.

[quote=“Peter000, post:11, topic:4362”]But the REAL Circle of Solomon work.[/quote]There is no “real” Circle of Solomon. Obviously, you have not done any research to try and answer your own questions. NO circle, be it EA’s or the traditional Circle of Solomon, has power of its own. It is nothing without the magician. Get that idea out of your head right now.

If you have never used the traditional circle as its meant to be used, and you have never used EA’s interpretation of Solomon’s Circle, how can you say one is better than the other?

A lot of people say EA’s stuff doesn’t work and 99% of them have never used his methods. There are traditionalists who say everything has to be done exactly as its put down in the grimoire or it won’t work, but experience has proven they are talking out of their ass. There are people on this very forum who prefer the traditional circle, and there are others who like EA’s. Your intent is what matters, not what circle you use.

You seem to have no knowledge whatsoever of evocation, and Solomonic magick is not the place to start. I will repeat myself one more time and say if you are serious about evocation, start with the evocation course. You do not need a Universal Circle, or a Solomon’s Circle. Start with the basic chalk circle and when you’ve had some experience, then you can move into the more complicated stuff.

Ok thanks. I’m gonna go with the circle of solomon from enochion site. I had a long conversation yesterday so i made up my mind.

[quote=“Peter000, post:13, topic:4362”]Ok thanks. I’m gonna go with the circle of solomon from enochion site. I had a long conversation yesterday so i made up my mind.[/quote]Good luck with that.


But what of a “charged” circle,
like any other talisman, should it not have a power of its own?