Starting the Titanic Pathworking, 11/19/2020

Today I initiated myself into the pathworking to begin my long trail along with the Titans.

For two hours I sat outside in my backyard with a ritual bell I have had since I was very young, my sigil of Cronus/Saturn, my book of shadows, labradorite stones, and my rider Tarot deck. I meditated for almost fifteen minutes, and the outdoors around me felt calm and lively. Then, I began talking to Saturn/Cronus, speaking words of respect, thanking him for all the glory he has and all his titles, from King of the Titans to Lord of the Elysian Fields, and he who is the patron god of Mount Othrys. I burned an offering of Egyptian Musk incense.

When I had finished thanking him, I began my evocation, calling him to me. As I told him I was envoking him and all his power to me, the tranquil environment began to darken, and the winds picked up. I spoke forward to him:
“Saturn, god of rebellion, lord of time, king of the golden gods, I evoke you to me!
Saturn, come! x3
Cronus, come! x3”

I then paused and waited, it beginning to sprinkle seemingly everywhere but on me - leaves falling from the large oak tree above me. The rain avoided me, and touched nothing of mine or my body. I then asked him,
“Cronus, I wish to start a great pathworking with you, one I knew from day one would come to pass, one you through your great changes have made in my life would present. I wish to learn all you can offer me, I wish to know all that you can forge of me and yourself, I wish to present this power and your glorious name to the world to shine once again.”

I then pulled out my deck of Tarot, and I asked, “Do you accept this offer, has this pathworking begun?” and I pulled the Ten of Cups - very much so meaning that he said ‘yes’.

I then asked, “Will this working make me into a great magician, will it change and will it progress the efforts of the entire occult community?” and I pulled two cards since this was two questions, and they were The High Priestess and the Wheel of Fortune. I felt this meant an overwhelming yes to both, warning that I will need to stay on the road and be patient and precise as I work this path.

I then asked how long the pathworking might last and to my dismay I could not decipher what the cards I pulled meant, but I pulled first The Moon and then The Sun. If anyone can help me understand what this may mean, please do let me know what you think!

I then asked what kind of things I would be learning, to which I pulled 6 of Swords, The Sun, Justice, Queen of Pentacles, and 9 of Swords. Most of these things come into what I feel is getting me to overcome blockages and fears, thinking and seeing more clearly perhaps physically and magickally, and a newfound industriousness to overcome my disabling laziness when it comes to almost all things in my life. If you interpret anything else, please let me know, friends.

I asked a few other questions but they’re primarily irrelevant. I told him he could invoke himself in my physical body and mind anytime he wishes, so that he may deliver me messages and help to unlock parts of me that I struggle to use. I feel powerful, and I feel at ease - I am more pumped than ever and the books I’ve been reading have helped me so much with my issues of motivation. As an acolyte of Titan-kind, I feel that this journey will be all I need to cement myself into a long passage into power and other paths when I am done with this one. I thank you all for inspiring me on top of this, thank you all so much. Having a community to talk to helps me so much, it fills me with joy to see others like myself. Blessed be, my friends!


I’ll be reading, since I also work with the Greek pantheon.



I embrAce the idea of working with the Titans.
Keep Us informed :wink:

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11/20 - 11/21 2020

I have performed a total of two evocations everyday, with meditations. I have rearranged the altar as well, focusing more candlelight unto Cronus and the sigil I have made for him. I have offered to him pyrite, hematite, and tiger’s eye stones to decorate his side of the Titanic Altar.

I have felt more confident as I build more dedication and discipline with daily rituals. I still struggle visualizing, but I am certain that I will adapt and overcome, even if I may need allies to assist me in such an endeavor.

I started a tarot journal as to not overflow my book of shadows, and it is mostly a method to help me channel my intuition and improve my mind. In such a bid to improve the mind, I(without any real rhyme or reason at that moment to be entirely honest with you all) have made and dedicated a separate altar to none-other than King Paimon(I will take a picture of it soon). I just feel very drawn to him, unconsciously and consciously. I have not evoked him as of yet, I always have dedicated an altar before attempting to contact an entity, out of respect.

I will be doing the updates in two-day intervals - if you’ve got questions please ask. So far the path has been opening up and I feel good. I feel Cronus may be pointing me in the direction of the kingly Jinn… I will have to ask him.

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Do you use also the planetary seal of Saturn or similar to your working with Cronos?

I created a special sigil for him which I had 3D printed. It looks fairly similar, as I channeled the sigil before I knew what the planetary seal of Saturn even looked like.