Starting Over

Im going to take on the mindset of someone with no experience and barely any knowledge of magick.
I have things in my life i want to fix, and i want to become “enlightened”.

Where do i start my journey?


I would complete a ritual for wisdom and knowledge and use the Order Rune as a symbol of growth and representing yourself. As you write the symbol you have to visualize your intentions look into your mind. See yourself studying, concentrating, focusing… You have to really feel and see this is going to happen.

I use an empowered quartz as a tailsman for knowledge with the quartz you can write the rune or symbol appropriate to your need on the Crystal.

Choose a candle to represent yourself. Carve your name into it. For your ritual i would employ a white candle for purity of thought. Now you would place the candle in a holder… Put the crystal near the candle and light the wick…leave the candle to burn and again visualize your intentions.

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Hey bro you wana fix your life and become enlightened then the only thing you need to do is understand who you really are by conquering fear and finding real unconditional love in yourself

They who loves themselfs love the world