Starting A Digital Journey?

So there I’ve always loved doing videos and skits with friends. It was the highlight of my childhood but I still haven’t given up on it. I decided to try mixing my video making with the occult starting a youtube channel that will be me discussing the occult, my experiences, and more! This forum is home to some great people and I thought some of you might want to hear that. I’ll post a link to my first video, don’t have to check it out or anything but if you want to and have time please do. Also, give me some tips and other things I should do on my channel.
Thank you!


You’ve got amazing presence, most people look like pinned bugs who just want to not be in front of the camera. :thinking:

You’re a natural speaker as well, no apologising or mumbling and “uhm-err”-ing! Looks like the early experimentation paid off, you’re miles ahead from where E.A. started out in his earliest vids, no disrespect to him there.

So, I’m going to go with trust your instincts on this, I get a sense you’ll best find your own way for the channel, there’s nothing actually missing from this that would improve it - i mean, if you want to go a bit more polished, have a different background, but honestly this works for you, it’s real and not distracting.

Nice work! :+1:

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