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Greetings to everyone that are here with knowledge or questions regarding the Demonic Gatekeepers, I’ve been throwing a lot of information down my throat through reading and not doing anything for the past 7 months.Today I’ve decided that it’s time for a change, I felt like I wasn’t overgoing chaos,change and improvement, so I watched the whole video of E.A Koetting and C.Kendall talking about the Pathworking with the Demonic Gatekeepers.

I overwhelmed myself doing satanic power meditations and satanic witchcraft without any reason or goal at all and decided that it’s time for a change, I want to start and be fully devoted to this Pathworking with these Demonic Kings.

How does one actually start the Pathworking?

Is there any specific introductory ritual or do I start just by evoking the first Demonic Gatekeeper and go up from there?

What am I supposed to do or say while meditating on these Demons? Or is meditating and inviting the specific Gatekeeper into one’s life enough?

How do I know when a gate is opened or closed and when do I know when to move to the next Gatekeeper?

Is the Saga by E.A Koetting a must have while doing this Pathworking?

I’m going to write on this thread everything I experience while doing this Pathworking. Maybe the questions I asked may help other magicians that are ready or want to start this Pathworking but aren’t sure how.


The first book in the series, Belial: Without a Master, goes into this in detail. But basically yeah, just start working with Belial and he’ll show you how to proceed from there.


As soon as I posted the thread I started meditating on Belial, I learned his Goetic and the Enn from E.A, even though I already knew he was there as soon as I started thinking about him, so I didn’t even need them.

I got into bed at 4:00 AM, stripped naked and started meditating, not even a minute into meditating the room gets extremely dark.

Turn those lights off.

He told me to close the blue lights I installed in my room for Yule. I did that and started meditating, I started seeing what seemed to be like a lake of dark and black fire rising from the floor. It got bigger and darker the more I looked at it.

We both know why I called upon you today Belial, it is time.

You have ascended many times before.

I accept you fully into my life, I accept your guidance on this Pathworking and I shall follow every order.

You are smart, I like you.

Now, I didn’t expect Belial to treat me like this, I expected to feel ill, depressed and I was prepared to feel like this as well, I expected Belial to turn my life upside down and break me into pieces. I felt and still feel his presence right now and throughout the day. We had a direct connection and he spoke through my mind the whole day. I also felt a lot of pressure on my 6th chakra and crown chakra during the meditation and the day.

He made me question things, he installed rage into me and made me feel like a king with full control, but at the same time with no control at all. It was a completely different experience than what I’ve experienced before working with other demons.

I can’t recall every word or conversation that I’ve had with him, but he mentioned the insecurity I have regarding my body in a harsh way. Other than that in this period of almost 24 hours not only did he make me feel good and “stable”, but he has also brought many people to me and made them contact me like friends do. People I’d never expect that would want to be friends with me.

Since I’ve summoned him into my life I felt his presence all the time, especially in the chest, I feel and visualize a dark green ball of earth and tree roots in the middle of my chest, as if the base of the Pathworking had been “planted”.

I went to the store today as he told me and bought some candles with the remaining money I’ve had, normally I would’ve saved that money but I did as he wished. I bought 2 little white candles and a yellow candle(which he really wanted me to buy even though it was expensive).

I’m going to follow with his full evocation either tomorrow or some day next week, or even after I finish writing this, I will do it when I feel like I am ready.


What I forgot to add is that he somehow made me play piano better, normally I’d take a lot of days to learn a piece but as I started practicing today, I learned a piece in about 10 minutes which is normally nearly impossible for me.

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He seemed to enjoy the fact that I did not question anything he told me to do, I took what he told me as an order and he was pleased from that.

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Update: Severe Depersonalization from Belial for a week.

I was on vacation for the holidays in another country but his slight presence could still be felt. After he showed me how popular and loved I can be, he showed up in my dream as a red warrior in red armor. He bestowed me with wit, he gave me charisma and made me be loved by everyone, but now was time to show me the other way around.

He took his helmet off and looked at me with eyes that were burning with a black color, it looked like black, dark fire. I felt terrified when I looked at them and stunned, I couldn’t do anything but stare at them and feel terrified, his eyes came out of his head and started flying towards me, at the point where they reached me I woke up.

I was feeling dizzy and confused, as if someone else or something else took over my thoughts, body and mind. Everything felt strange to me, persons, friends, family felt like strangers to me, I felt like a stranger to myself. Almost every action I was doing felt like I was doing it in slow motion. I felt like I forgot every memory I’ve had, every language I knew and every talent and skill I had. This lasted for about a week and my friends were somehow treating this major change in my personality as if nothing had happened, so you can imagine how confusing the whole experience was for me.

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Now it’s over and I feel like I’ve ascended to another level of myself, it’s like I was rebooted into another mindset, I find the things I usually do way more easier, spirit communication got enhanced to the point of whenever I think of a demon it appears around me in a matter of seconds or minutes.

I can talk to spirits through my mind and don’t need to speak or whisper to them, they respond through my mind and gut feeling. It takes me less time to go into a trance and astral project, I am currently learning Chinese and I improved my vocabulary with Ronove and Agares greatly in less than 24 hours. It feels like I learn everything at 2x speed.


How goes your work. I just started.