Stardust spell jar (tool for your magick)

This spell jar will help all your magick, energy work, incantantion, etc, it will give them booster, amplified, strengthtening, transformed in, and more.

Basically this is the the formula :
Salt for transmitter energy, protection, and base.

Frankincense: consecrates the spell jar and increases the power of the spell jar and magic.

Black tourmaline/obsidian: transmutes evil energy into neutral energy and consumes disruptive spirits, malevolent spirits, and impostor to strengthen the results of this magic and spell jar.

Quartz/herkimer diamond: for booster manifest, magick, and ritual, amplified other crystal too.

Angelite: strengthens communication with any spirit and spirit magick.

Rose quartz: clear any blockage and give clarity. And for balance and harmonize energy on self, magick, altar energy, and room energy.

Amethyst: for protect from negative influence (protect magick), give success on magick.

Moldavite : amplification, strengthen, speed up magick (mantra, ritual, etc) and booster magick and give or booster success on magick.

Sulfur: Eliminate traces of energy paths from the results of magic, rituals, energy work, and so on so that they cannot be detected. ( this is optional)

Put all the ingredients above with the intention and purpose of all the ingredients, then close the spell jar by saying “with the power of my magic I authorize the power of this spell jar to function as I wish”.

Or it could be “in the name of God make this spell jar function as I wish”.

Well make up your own words.

Then imagine a ray of light be it gold, red, white or rainbow coming down to fill, cleanse and empower this spell jar.

After the spell jar can be used, you can also ask for empowerment from an entity that you trust.

Always imagine a ray of light descending to fill, empower, and cleanse this spell jar whenever you want to perform magic or energy work.

Feel free to experiment and modified this