Star of david in aura field(need aura reading help)

Hello. While i havent seen this myself as my vision cannot discern details in auras yet. i am told i have a star of david in my aura on my right cheek which interets me because ive had a birthmark(maybe a mole idk) there since i was little. This mark is and always has been very important to me, ive always shown people and bragged about it.
So heres a picture, if anyone can shed some light, itd be most appreciated

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That sounds pretty cool! You may have a mark of spiritual hebrew in you.


Or even angelic power

I feel celestial energy from @SeekerofK
I get the feeling like it is a blessing both a calling

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It is important to note that the “Star of David” is simply a hexagram and has other connotations beyond Judaism, which has used the symbol for only about 200 years or so.

It is also known as the Seal of Solomon, and has been used by Christians, Muslims, Freemasons, heraldry, and Theosophy.

In occultism, the symbol is said to represent the elements in ceremonial magick, and the 7 traditional planets of astrology, and is used as a talisman as well as for the conjuring of spirits.


Thats interesting because how i started occultism was i got a bunch of signs from sophia and that solomon which i later found out they were married. At one point i thought i was a reincarnation of solomon or someone close :joy:

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I can believe the celestial energy thing because i didnt even ask for this.

Was hardcore atheist and i humored my spiritual friend to do a meditation on my third eye. I could feel mt energy from that day forth. I can even perform reiki on others.

Something important. My friend said he had a dream of me as a kid being possessed while reading the necronomicon. He asked a medium and they said “its a close friends past life” so he assumed the boy to be me. Maybe this is from a past life?

What i really wanna make sure is it isnt anythinf bad. People always do what i ask and tell me their secrets, thats probably my typically tourqoise aura, but maybe this has somethin to do with jt. Even before spirituality i noticed people do this with me. Ive always considered this a blessing and a curse.

So do you sense anythinf negative

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IT is actually a blessing, very good of financial gains. Lots of people who achieve great things have it. Here is the link:


Dude thank you. Im gonna dig into this site right now!:blush:

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The question is how do you know for sure its a Star of David? The Hexagram was originally a pagan symbol but was adopted by the hebrews later. Whereas their original country symbol is the Menorah; there was a rejection of the star at first before gaining acceptance.

Did it show up as Blue or something? Either way…for a second there I thought you were a True Blue Jew!

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I am far from jewish. My dads side of the family is pureblood german and they are all wiccan, oddly all diagnosed with schizophrenia. I dont know them because my moms side basically stole me and kept me from them.

What exactly did the hexagram represent to pagans? Is it a 6th element?

Update. I noticed this while researching the history of the hexagram.


I thought it might be related because my aura is typically tourquoise
The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia declares that the SIX-POINTED STA, according to the Rosicrucian, was known to the ancient Egyptians . The SIX TRIANGLES is the Egyptian hieroglyphic for the “Land of the Spirits”. In the Astro-Mythology of the Egyptians, we find belief in the first man-god (Horus I) and his death and resurrection as Amsu. The six-pointed star was the first sign or hieroglyphic of Amsu. Amsu – the risen Horus – was the first man-god risen in spiritual form.

Pretty much solved this with your guys’ help. This is why i was getting signs from horus recently, and also probably solomon.

Im guessing this is the blessimg that protects me

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sorry for not seeing the reply…
and i do not sense anything negative instead i feel a cyan bright color feels protective

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I can help you with this I believe!
I have a special connection to this geometric shape and it directly corresponds to my relationship with my own Merkaba field. As a shaman I have done spirit transits with the merkaba, Star of David, transiting lost souls back to source. All angelic beings can use the merkaba for astral travel and it is used to align your masculine/feminine energies within yourself. It’s also used to transcend dualities and achieve self realization.
It means “As above so below”, a universal truth that corresponds to the law of attraction. It is the symbol of heaven meets earth. It is also the symbol of divine spiritual awakening.

It’s a sign of Holy and Divine protection.
The Star of David is used by an Archangel guide (of mine) named Metatron. This is a cube he uses to heal people of unwanted negativity and even demons.
If you have any connections to the Arcturians, they are big on this shape as they are celestial angelic beings. The Seraphim angels have 6 wings which spin very rapidly to fly.

Our own root chakra houses the merkaba which is active if you were to open your Kundalini and ascension would follow that. I’ve sat in a merkaba before, with Metatron whom I would consider to be my guardian angel.

The Star of David is related to inter dimensional travel and you may have Metatron as your holy Angel if you have any markings or special connections to that shape. It is also the way we grow our light bodies or activate them.

The Star of David is chariot of God. It is his mark, his seal, and very powerful manifestation tool and related to ascension process or activation of your human angelic 12 chakra system. As it spins, it becomes a torsion wave field of auric energy around you and believe it or not, you can actually use the merkaba to travel ANYWHERE even backwards or forwards in time.
It doesn’t in my personal opinion have anything to do with Jewish religion as it dated well before that religion back to Egypt and Atlantean times. Jewish or not, ALL humans have a merkaba…although reptilians have placed what is called a “tail” on many humans Kundalini energies to keep the merkaba from spinning which is why it’s very important to work on activation of your Kundalini to remove the kundabuffer
You might want to get reiki attuning to see if you could make contact with Metatron. It’s an awesome experience!!


I agree it is considered to be the sign of God/Man becoming one or God self realization in fullest. Very powerful symbol and of light and unconditional love of the highest.


I noticed this at 222 which represents the feminine yes? When I did merkabah activation, 2018 December I have it posted somewhere in my profile, I started getting very “woman” like. I started seeing 222, 333, and 555. And also a spirit who claimed to be Megatron started talking through the oujia board bht I was studying goetic spirits so I thought to avoid angels and Yahweh. But it is very weird that I believed I was taught my thoth and astaroth my merkabah activation, after hearing about this star of david in my field which I also saw in closed eyed visuals during the merkabah activation, and now youre mentioning the name of the spirit who came to me just a month before the December event.

I’m going to reach out to Metatron. I used to obsess over the guy before I decided to avoid angels.

The voice I heard after the merkabah activation said “congratulations, kade. Not too many humans have made this far yet”.

It was very calm and it was a mans voice. Afterwarda I jolted back up in my bed.

Does this sound familiar to him? He also taught me the secret of 9 and that our number system is a product of the human mind not the other way around. Meaning we observe things and use mathematics because thats how our brain processes things. So we use symbols to ascribe values, but those values are intrinsically.

So I used this to make a model of spheres. And if you make spheres adjacent to eachother of equal diameters, and place as many adjacent to eachother as you can, you get 9. With 1 extra sphere in the middle. So you always have 1 extra charge and this is vibration is what I’m told.

Is this familiar to your experience?

Its actually name is a merkaba and “its the throne of god” or the space of your higher self