Star gazing

so I’m going to beach tonight to sit and look at the stars.
I need to get in a quiet and isolated space.

I need to see if i can connect with spirits etc.

I feel this might be the best way. any advice anyone wants to give???

I’m going to take Astarte’s sigil as she is the goddess I want to know.


A sigil would be enough. Meditate. Take deep breaths (4 till 6 seconds). Gaze.
Do that for 15 min. or more and you will get into a trans state. Than just invite her and ask your question!


thank you


I am going to take some ear buds so i can drown out any noise lol

hopefully I can clear mind better


Test it. With the ear phones and without. With closed eyes, without ear phones, will help you with clairaudience. Because you learn to distinguish sounds


But always try both. Oh and you can always listen to binaural beats to get into trance. Guided meditation etc…

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ahh question about the sigil.

I have an open Astarte sigil I put under pillow and activity to try to speak or hear.
it’s crinkled and has wax drippings on it lol I use it alot.

still take the same one ??? lol
I heard it is easier to activate


Yes no problem. I work with Lucifers open sigil. Or Nikita the Genie/Angel. When you stay and work with them they are with you. The only time to close a sigil is when you got no use for it. You declare your sigil void, in your head or saying it loud. And then flow with the elements, burn, nature or water.

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Let’s say you do Sigil Magick and you don’t need the Sigil anymore. Then you can close a Sigil too. Just by saying the Sigil has done it’s task I close it hereby or declare it void.

It could be insulting to throw away a sigil without closing it.


If you get into the trance state you can read the stars and practice divination.