Stalking the Wild Pendulum

Just wondering if anyone here has ever heard of or read this book?
It was my first introduction into this realm of reality and it has held up nicely the more and more I learn.
It explains the holographic/vibratory nature of reality, as well as how spirits become powerful and some other fun stuff.

Also included is a mechanical theory of kundalini in the brain, which I have found interesting.

The book itself is a good read, but what really cemented it originally in my mind was the reference to it in the CIA Gateway document about the universe being a consciousness hologram.

I am not shilling lol I was wondering if anyone else here has read of it and what they personally think.


No, but it sounds fascinating, thanks for the tip! :+1:

I’m a big fan of pendulums, they don’t get the respect they deserve IMO as a perfect multi-tool - easy to carry all the time, conceal as something else, and can be used to read energies as well as do divination.