i’m having trouble doing things i know i should. i’ve done a bunch of academic research and read a bunch of books and such. but for some reason i can’t seem to pull the trigger and start doing it. even after i payed more than a little money for information. iv decided i want to use soul travel to keep join all my body’s so i can keep studying and practising after i die. (not to mention having fun!) but i despite having bought EA’s soul travel course i cant seem to catalyze into action. likely do to a bunch of psychological factors especially a mid life crisis and depression.does anyone have any advice? i know that this is a problem many people face so i’m hoping one of them has a fix and can share it with me. thanks in advance.


My best suggestion would be to set aside about an hour a day for your practice, exercises, etc, at the same time every single day. Then approach that block of time like a career you are interested in, but also as an obligation. Treat it like you would your job. Once you get into the habit (about 30 days or so) your brain will be wired to that schedule. You will just kind of go "oh, it’s (x) o’clock. Ritual time.