St expedite

I want to ask if there is also someone who get no help from St expedite.I try it a few times and neither once he did not help me.In any case I’m not angry I respect his choice and I want to say that for most people he works he Is amazing and if you really need help contact him. I was intrigued by one person who just wanted to try if the saint expedite really works so he asked him for a larger sum the man had no relationship with him and that curiosity Is that man was skeptical and what do you think the money really came for a while for him. So I say he dont like me or I did something wrong I dont understand it. I wonder if there is someone who also has same experiences.

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I didn’t get any help when I asked either…I was nice, respectful, had a genuine (at least to me) need, but didn’t get any assistance, but it’s ok. I understand why now.

Why you understand it

because had he given me what I asked for…something I really wanted, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I’m better off now not having it than I would be if he gave it to me.