St. Cyprian's Amulets and talismans

Hello guys,

Today i decided to read a book called ‘‘The Book of St. Cyprian’’ very similar to the keys of solomon, it teaches you among other things how to build some very powerful talismans according to the book, such as ‘‘Solomon’s ring’’ and ‘‘The red dragon’’ talisman.

The book descrives these talisman as over the top power, stating that they hold the power to open all hidden doors, and give the holder power over any, spirits, elementals and beings, and turbo charged intelligence, according to the book these talisman’s were Solomon’s key of power.

Is anybody here familiar with these items? if so, would you mind sharing your experiences?.

Thanks in advance,

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St. Cyprien of Antioch or St. Cyprien of Carthage? The book written by St. Cyprien of Antioch has never been translated out of it’s original Portuguese, so it would be a bit daunting to some of us. It does seem very interesting, though.

Here you go:

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That’s the one, the version i have is in spanish, and in spanish is also known as ‘‘El libro infernal’’ Or ‘‘The infernal book’’.

Chef1964, thanks. I had looked for it and never found it. New reading, can’t wait. Onyx, I will let you know if I work with it.

Uff, perfect, wish you best of lucks :slight_smile: