Squares of Abramelin

So while pondering on this subject Again i found this lil gem within seconds of this contemplation. Gotta love syncronicity.

So i figured it would be a golden and good topic to explore whether or not anyone here has explore this work from the standpoint of evocation regarding the spirits described to each square rather than a basic sigil ritual, i know EA put a method of the sigil cast in BoA with one of the money squares but far as i have found digging around here this may not be something that has been explored or at least not explored and reported on here.

May be a later project for me as i am already neck deep in projects but wanted to hear yall’s thoughts.

To me it seems like a method to evoke specific entities and send out the signal that you are evoking them for specific kind of manifestations. Kinda like magickal shorthand with intent which you can refine futher with your own.

Edit. Also fun note for anyone newer to the practice of magick if you have worked with these at all with success it is likely you have evoked either an angel,demon or one of their familars through this operation so sneaky success in summoning is yours :+1: :rofl:


I tried the money square and it worked but some of the others like the love related ones didn’t bring noticeable results.
I tried both the old version and the corrected version.


Same i experimented with this one with quick results with the method EA gives in BoA but not so much with another one i tried. I may experiment more with it from an evocation stand point later down the line.

Did you just do the charging method or in a more indepth method?

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I changed it and they summoned themselves I didn’t plan a full evocation. it was early in my occult work so I couldn’t hear them but could feel them tugging in my sleeve and lifting my arm .

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Interesting :thinking: i just charged it with an idea of the funds i needed held in the mind. Using these as the basis for a formal petition may have better effect. Will experiment with later.

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