Square of Abramelin : to travel

The fifth square in the 17th chapter of the third book of Abramelin is supposed to grant the ability ‘To fly in the air and travel any whither in the form of a crow or raven’. I have been experimenting with this square recently and my experience + research have made me conclude that this does not shift your shape into that of a bird, but that of a wolf.

A consequence of this is that I did not fly through the air but found myself in a forest.

Has anyone used this particular square succesfully and found it to produce the effect as described in the book?


Do you have something to say about ??
I would like to see what you have to say !!!


I haven’t try this particular one, but that of a cloud, and it’s astrally. When I tried to physically, the Spirit came up and explained somethings to me and why it can’t manifest physically yet. That an engine was destroyed etc and its what powers their physical manifestation stuff etc.

So…the word ‘experimenting’, can you explain how you did it? Because I just hold the symbol in my left hand call on the Name there and say what I want.

U should then question the Spirit behind the symbol why it is so.



I read the square and placed it on my forehead whilst laying down.
And I know that it is astral, I didn’t expect my physical body to be transformed or physically move through the air :smirk:
Thank you both for the reply btw

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Ok. That isn’t the way I do it. I understand.
And I’m telling you it can work physically too.

So if you just read the square, placed it om your head while you laying down… Then you can’t come to conclusion yet… If you understand me.

Would you try call the Spirit and ask questions why you found yourself in the forest?


The notes to chapter xvii state: place the symbol upon your head under the bonnet or hat.

Which Spirit are you referring to?
The square is said to be manifested in part by the Angels and inpart also by the Evil Spirits. Oriens, Paimon, Ariton and Amaymon execute the operation.
I have been using this square in connection with a Working with King Belial. He too appeared as a wolf.

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Yes, if you go through the process from the beginning, the whole six months things, but you didn’t, you just jumped into using the symbols.

Those behind the symbol, who will carry out the operation.

Because I’ve tried it and it worked just fine. So you finding yourself in a forest or concluding about ‘wolf’… I suggest you speak with the Spirit or do a divination why you found you’re in a forest or why the symbol didn’t do its work.

Thank you for your advice

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Hello @luxfero

I was on my phone and about to go to work this morning, so I couldn’t give you more than a short response. There are a couple of points I want to mention:

  1. You don’t know what I did or did not do prior to this ritual.

  2. I am not speculating about the ‘wolf’. I experienced this and I know why. My question in the OP was if anyone had gotten the result as described in the book.

That’s really interesting. Do you have a video of a person transforming into anything other than a person?

Can’t quite work chapter 21 become a girl, not sure I’m doing it right.
Can someone do an idiots guide to performing this specific spell for me to explain? Maybe I’m not pronouncing or reading it right

The effect would be in how others perceive you. It will not transform your physical body…
If you are a big and unshaven bald guy I think it would be hard to do any kind of Magick that would have people believe you are a girl. So, you’d have to work with it in the material world as well (unless you look like Alaska Thunderfuck or something :wink: )

I’ll take that, it’ll make transition easier

Can you please explain how to use it properly?

The method is given in the book.
After you have spent a considerable time working to meet your HGA you take the square and read it out loud. Then either hold it in your left hand or place it on your head.

The only two squares that t have used so far are the one from this thread (to travel in the shape of a bird - which to me appeared as traveling as a wolf)
And the other one I use is the very first one from the book which is used in divination.

Does pronunciation matter?

It reads I o n e k
… O
… N
… E. Q
… K

Or am I reading from wrong translation?

you not superman so don’t go try traveling physically with them imaginary wings. . it’s probably talking about astral travel. =o) some people not in right mind thinking literally. lol. which means trouble if they think such.

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