Spy / lookout servitor

Hello, everyone. I’m creating a server that the reason for his creation is to watch and report to me everything my girlfriend does when she’s not around me… He will do this by telepathy, showing me images of what he saw whenever I request… I would like to know what planetary day I should create it on account of that purpose???

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Do you mean a “servitor?” A server is used for computers…


Uh, if you do not trust your girlfriend, then why are you dating her? No offence by i find this to be very controlling and unnecessary.


@Nova it’s a possession thing, she’s an object that belongs to him. I could be wrong but it’s a popular way to behave with relationships lately.

Actually caring and loving your partner is considered strange, I get those exact words all the time and trust is absurd.

I think you mean Servitor OP.


I honestly read this thread because I was wondering how a computer server would be used to spy on an individual magically lol.


I am finding it increasingly difficult to understand humans… @anon48957109


So agree

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Hahaha exactly

Seriously, there’s a need for me to explain why I’m doing… I don’t think you need to… The fact is simple, has the existence of people of bad conduct in the place of service of it

Well if you need watch over gf there are wireless cameras that transmit to internet and get a hum thru Verizon track cat anywhere
Magically I’d say hours of mercury as he was wing messager of God’s
I never done any working like you are talking about
But if i did i would use air elememt under hours of mercury proply use sigal of eye with wings

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ya i was thinking mercury to or maybe saturn but i also agree with nova in her first comment.

Except using cameras to spy on someone without their knowledge is called stalking and is considered a crime.


Ya have to watch out for that.

OP you are correct, you don’t have to explain yourself however you might get better and more personal help if you do.
Remember human beings judge, it’s natural and with what you’ve given, the sympathy is flowing to your girl not you so you might not get the best answer to your issue.