Spontaneous Projection?

I was wondering if anyone else here has experienced this, and if so, how to deal with it.

Over the past 5 years or so Ive had about a dozen different experiences where Ill feel the energy in my body suddenly start increasing in vibration, heart chakra will start pulsating very strongly, and essentially I start going through the entire projection process on autopilot. If I fight it, Ill just feel worse and worse until I throw up, and then I start coming down again.

Why would I fight it? In several cases Ive had it happen around friends who arent aware of such things, in crowds, and twice while Ive been driving. (scary as hell)

When I do just allow it to take over, Ill immediately find myself in a space where Im surrounded completely by either white light, or darkness everywhere. Im not sure what these areas are, but I am able to leave them and explore like in a regular projection, but eventually when I wake up, Im unable to remember where I went or what I did.

What the hell is going on here? Im almost wondering if perhaps I have a “short circuit” somewhere thats causing this…shouldnt I be able to control it?

You ? :stuck_out_tongue: JinX ?

I spent a lot of time studying astral projection as a kid, spontaneous projection happened to me when I was 15 or 16 first.

What’s basically happening is you’re using the same area of your brain to record memory for astral projection as dreams, so it doesn’t go where normal memory goes. To beat this you have to keep a journal and write out all your dream experiences immediately, and it’s advisable you start trying to project as soon as you can.

If you do work with Lucid Dreaming you’ll be able to control and remember this state better. And record your lucid dreams, or dreams of any kind every night as soon as you wake up. Your memory of these events will be incredibly easy to access in retrospect if you do this training.

Is there anything else you’d like help with or understanding about your astral projection?

Have you tried doing the black sun exercise?

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

I dont have any problems projecting or lucid dreaming on command, my only real problem is these little events where Ill just start leaving my body randomly in the middle of the day without any control on my part. I had a friend next to me once when this happened and he said it was like watching a narcoleptic.

Ive noticed a couple times that certain substances like really strong weed or benadryl can do this, but Ive also had it happen quite a few times when Im completely sober, so Im thinking the cause is internal…I just dont know what it is.

Ive been doing the black sun almost every night and morning for about 3 weeks now…the changes its making are happening so fast that its almost imperceptible. How does this affect projection?

It helps raise your awareness so things that would have escaped your observation may come to the surface, sometimes quite literally.