Spontaneous Manifestations

Hey guys, thought I’d start my first thread.

I had my very first spontaneous demonic manifestation when I was 15 years old.
I was drifting off to sleep ever so gracefully, when all of the sudden my body became completely paralysed and humming with intense vibrations. Demonic enns being chanted aggressively in my ears by what sounded like a thousand different voices in escalating waves evil. I was so fucking terrified, so I called out to Jesus and God like any good Christian boy would do, asking them to protect me and get rid of what ever was in my presence…Nothing. Fucking nothing, just louder and louder enns for me, no help or assistance.
By then I was able to open my eyes to see what the fuck was going on. Immediately as my eyes opened, they were drawn to this entity that stood around 5’6" with a very basic looking thin body. He had no facial features whatsoever and his skin looked like it was covered in scorched warts. As soon as my eyes locked onto this entity, the voices subsided. Silence. I would never have thought silence could be so fucking insane!Now I was even more terrified, still to this day I had never felt that much fear, so I cried out to Jesus and God one more time in a final bid for deliverance. Nothing…again. It was at that point when I truly felt forsaken that I stopped fearing and felt somewhat liberated in a fairly fucked up situation. Weird huh? Riding upon this wave of fearlessness I thought to myself “I’m fucked either way so I might as well try to get a good hit in before he skull fucks me”. Just after that thought coursed its way through my brain, I was able to move my body. I got up gingerly and threw the most piss weak punch at him…and missed, went off the end of my bed and fell face first into the carpet. After crashing into the carpet, I snapped back into my body (I had no idea at the time I was outside of my body, it felt too real to be anything but) and the entity had vanished in the blink of an eye.

All in all a relaxing laid back experience. This experience had a profound impact on me that had changed the course of my life. It opened my eyes and I began questioning my faith. From there I shed the fear, shame and helplessness that religion propagates and eventually put me on the path of self discovery (that part sounded really cheesy. Get your tampons ready:P). Now here I am.

Anyone else have an experience like this? I’d like to hear some other anecdotes.

I did have a terrifying OBE when I was in 2nd yr of my college…It was a Lucid dream induced AP…and after the dream dissolved I found myself in pitch darkness and felt my body far away…I thought I died and tried to affirm for light and nothing happened…time was passing by and I was there in pitch darkness with nothing happening…after that I tried to move my body parts…this fortunately shifted me to my body and I experienced extreme sleep paralysis straight away…I felt like screaming but I had no control over my vocal cords…after about a minute later,the paralysis broke and I found myself sitting on my bed and it was dawn.

Since then I had numerous lucid dreams but never was able to induce an AP from within the Lucid Dreams.It wud all becum so solid like reality that nothing wud change despite trying to fall on my back or affirming…perhaps due to the fear I experienced first up.

Another incident occurred when i was in class 5.Days ago the event I heard about a whispering ghost that wud call u in the middle of the night taking the voice of ur near nd dear ones.If u responded it wud hypnotize u and take back into its lair.
I dismissed this story laughingly and thought it was bs.
Days later suddenly I am wide awake in the middle of the night…my mom nd dad were by my side sleeping…i suddenly heard this voice calling me in the voice of my school friend …and the voice loud and clear came from just behind my head like a metre away…chills ran down my spine as I remembered the ghost story i heard…the worst part was i wasnt dreaming at all and i was damn wide awake…i didnt budge one inch in my bed and lay as if in deep sleep sweating away while the voice continued to call…at a point of time it ceased…i lay there in my bed for 10 mins more expecting something terrifyong to happen…and then slowly i looked up behind my head nd found no one standing there.It was simply the wall.And the friend whose voice I heard stays miles away from my home.

After that incident I heard from that some residents who used to earlier live in the flat experienced something like that.

What it was I still dont know but all I know for 100% I wasnt dreaming at all and I heard the voice with my ears loud and clear.

But my experience is perhaps nothin compared to ryan’s.

Nothing quite as traumatic as your story Ryan but when I was a kid about 6-7 I used to see crazy shit in a house we owned. I used to see a guy standing in my doorway with what I thought was a belt wrapped around his neck and covering his mouth. I’d turn around sometimes and he’d be standing here scaring the shit out of me. Also while in this house used to see really graphically violent scenes shown to me on my wall like it was movie screen. I saw people get stabbed and attacked murdered and didn’t realize how real what I saw was until I got older and witnessed what real violence looked like.

My parents eventually moved and when I got older they told me that a guy had hung himself in the house because of a divorce. Everybody who lived in that house after us had some kind of bad shit happen to them. One guy got shot and barely survived after his girlfriend’s lover got mad that she wouldn’t leave him, and the next owner had the house nearly burn down around him when he got caught sleeping with a married woman.

After I first started opening up to my own spirituality and losing my old faith in Christianity, I was in a dream one night that was one of my usually weird dreams when suddenly in the middle of it this person(can’t remember clearly if it was male or female) showed up and told me it was a dream. They handed me a remote that looked like a little detonator to a bomb. They said that I could press this button and could transmigration my souls out of my body to higher planes but that this would mean that my physical body would die in bed. For some reason, it was like I was in a trance, or hypnotized. I suddenly became determined to push the button and go through with it no matter the cost. The other normal dream characters had up to that point, been passive as if watching but after I decided to hit the button, they all began running at me screaming to stop and not to do it but they were too late and I pushed the button. I felt this REALLY quick blast, just like I imagine a bomb would feel like if you were on top of it when it went off. Then…blackness. I just knew I had died. I felt no body whatsoever. Only thought in a black void. I began to fear that this was all there was to death and that I worried that I may be simply in blackness forever, but then something stranger happened. I began to have blurry visions and thoughts of not my life, but the events that had led up to my life. Hearing voices of my parents meeting and feeling glimpses of their lives together before I was born, then a brief vision of a birthday cake and candles and hearing clapping. I got the distinct feeling that this was my first birthday. I started to feel bad about what I had done not because I was dead, but because I had left my family so early and felt how terrible they would feel that I was gone. Just after I had lost hope, this image popped up in the blackness in front of me that said something along the lines of "With no direct damage to the physical body, the departed soul has the ability to re translate back into the body up to-?- times. (I can’t remember how many times it said). Would you like to do so? I immediately chose to and began to feel my body in my bed and woke up. I’m not sure if this was a spiritual experience or not. I’m well aware it could all only be a dream. But either way it left a lasting impression on me that I won’t soon forget. I’ve had other weird experiences of “dying” knowingly in my sleep that I can recount some other time but this was by far the most…vivid…experience.

I was about 12 years old sleeping in my bed. I felt a weight on me. I opened my eyes and saw nothing but I could move my arms and felt a girl shaped entity over me. When my hands reached her head I felt small horns on the forehead. I thought: “it must be a succubus!” So I did what any normal guy would do! (Actually, no, I wasn’t that smart) I thought to myself: “I wonder if it works like in the movies!”…and I traced a cross on her forehead. She quickly lost substance, much to my disappointment… I felt really, really stupid for doing that! I went: “Oh well, another one of those weird happenings at me during the night!”.

About 3 months later, I was sleeping and felt a pissed-off entity over me. I opened my eyes (still saw nothing) and was paralyzed. I knew it was her, I was telling her that I was really sorry for what I did, how it was uncalled for and really dumb on my part… She issued a command “KISS ME!” (I don’t know if it is just me or part of the guy psyche programming package, but to me the automated response to this command was “COMPLY”.) I was on my right side paralyzed but was still able to move my torso to signify my consent (or at least showing I tried to do as she demanded). At that moment I felt my body temperature rise at very high temperature and unable to breathe. I thought “She is really angry! She means to kill me! I should do something.” With my partially paralyzed mouth I said “Vade retro”… and the attack ceased immediately and no longer felt her presence. Needless to say, for some time I was a very nervous boy mentally vade retroing every squirrels or shadows surprising me.

This event thought me two very important things:

  1. Always be polite with the ladies…

… and for a distant second: an intuitive knowledge of vampirism.

Recently, when I read EA’s ebook “The rape of Archangels”, after the yuck! and WTF stages like the majority of the peoples who publicly reacted to the title, I felt a sense of dejà vu there. When I am able I will definitely go there to see if she was actually a Dakini and try to find her… If I find her I will thank her for contributing in making me something else than a mundane… I will show her that while I was young and stupid at the time I am now older…and see if she has other trick to teach…