Spirt dream success?

hi,guys i tnk its the rgt section,so im helping a friend,to get raid of a loser son in law,forever,so i Invoqe a spirt knw to do tis,first night,i feel attacked on dream . i did offerings,licor,etc,candles,etc,now last night i did his cafe mix,more candles,cigars,and on nght,i dream i were hunted,today i saw a big so big raccoon dead, almost like a medium size dog,Saturday,will be my lAst offering,so u guys tnk,i dnt knw about the guy,if spells is working,its only a week,and 2dreams,should i switch sistem,or waitr?thsnks

Sounds to me like your Foe is more powerful than you and you shouldnt be cursing such a person just yet? Become stronger and come back later.

i did a reading,it say work but slowly, i tnk raccon was a sign,also,he dnt kno magic,i will waite,