Spiritual vs life

I decided to write this topic to bring awareness that sometimes life just happens, no matter what path you decide to take. While this is aimed at nobody in particular, I hope it can reach somebody and hopefully try to put them at ease.

So, let’s go through a list of things that may and may not be spiritually related.

Disclaimer. Don’t use this as a substitute for professional medical advice. I’m just giving my opinion and own experiences. If need be, please consult a doctor.

  1. Weird, unusual dreams. This one is tricky indeed, but before jumping towards “It’s a sign from (entity)!” Let’s evaluate what else can cause these.
  • Medications. Now from my own experience, an anti anxiety medication used to give me weird, vivid dreams. They had no moral, just nonsensical garble. Why? Probably due to my brain overworking, indeed I saw my doctor and they went away weeks later.

  • The subconscious. The brain is a weird but wonderful thing. During your day to day life, you may not think you’re worried. But when you sleep, some worries can be brought to the surface. Even from a while ago. The result can be weird, frightening dreams.

  • Fears. Okay, this I’ve had before. I used to be obsessed with my dental hygiene. My biggest fear was my teeth falling out, so I would dream about the occurrence. Not pleasant, and had no spiritual meaning.

When to take dreams as signs?

Honestly, I wish I could say clear cut that x y and z means an entity is reaching out to you. I believe that you will know yourself that it’s a message and not something the mind created to represent stress or anything else. Sometimes divination or meditating on it can give you an answer.

  1. Friendships or relationships dying. Sometimes life gets in the way, and people drift apart. That’s okay. Sometimes people have to leave in order to make room for better people to enter your life. Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs before you find the right one. We’ve all experienced this before, and it can be painful but there’s hope at the end. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

When is this spiritually related?

Maybe you’ve asked an entity to help you to better yourself, and suddenly people you care for are showing their true colours, or dismissing themselves as sometimes people can be blocks to you. Or maybe you’ve done spell work and start seeing the results of said spell. Just seems to happen ‘coincidentally.’

  1. Seeing numbers, name of entity, or animals relating to entity. Seeing Lucifer’s name, or seeing a number that is said to be Archangel Michael’s for example, doesn’t always mean that entities are calling out to you or trying to communicate with you. Hear me out.

These would be things I would call coincidences, they only have the meaning you give them. I would say this is spiritual if they recur in a way that it’s grabbing your attention or they happen with other messages. I think this section speaks for itself.

I could go on. But my point is, it’s not always the best to jump to conclusions without thinking about what else could be causing what it is you’re being faced with. My doctor once told me: “There’s a million conditions with the same symptoms.” I believe that applies to here, also.

Thanks for reading and much peace.


Thank you!


This is some great common-sense advice that more people need to hear imo. :+1:


Thanks! At first I was afraid of coming off like “nothing you’re experiencing is spiritual”, when what people experiencing may very well be spiritual, it’s best to always be logical about it, also.