Spiritual tutors

Well, while surfing in the internet, I have seen some people’s experiences with being taught by spirits, demons, angels etc.

So, my question is – has anyone deal with such beings, what you think about it and so on.
And, of course, whom you can suggest for starting mages, who can help to break the borders of daily routine, fill your life with magic and so on… And won’t crash your head or soul, if you will do some mistakes during teaching process 

Sorry, if there was such topic – quick search doesn’t find anything.

You most likely already have them, leading you to such places as this forum and esoteric interests. Building up abilities to interact on more aware levels comes with practice, such as divination. After, you can begin seeking others out via evocation and other forms of drawing the spirits near to assist you in ascent/descent.

Speak with dante, he can get you possessed or sell you a bound spirit perfect for your needs. Bound spirits start at 250 and you will need to get a consultation about possession.

In Evoking Eternity E.A. provides a few different sets of spirits that when evoked in order provided tuition and assistance with the path. I highly recommend workign with these.

Further to this Martal from Kingdoms of Flames has been partially influential and was key in guiding me towards my own enlightenment. In my journey he has been probably the most active tutor thus far.

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There aren’t many on the forum who can evoke which is why I recommended the other two options


Dante Abiel
here’s his site http://dantesinfernal.com/Home_Page.php
You can contact him there.

For those who can’t evoke yet would you think that Martal, via sigil activation (gazing), would be one of the best entity to contact for improving magickal abilities? (including reaching theta/gamma/sigil activation ability as well…)

What are the reasons and benefits one would choose either of these? If you shell out some cash, get possessed, is this some kind of a shortcut? to… astral sight? hearing? evocation abilities? or what?

Depends on the demon

I started out doing the Angelic pathworking in Evoking Eternity. The angel Deggal is a good Entity to start with. He is very friendly and eager to share techniques. He opened my spiritual sight which allowed me to see energy movements in people and my environment. The other beginner entity is Raziel from the same pathworking. After that I would suggest evoking Azazel, as he has proven himself an invaluable source of knowledge and power. Hope this helps. Also if you are struggling to evoke or do not have the bit of natural talent I have then contact Dante and purchase a bound spirit.

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Thank you ZachD555. Since I own Evoking Eternity I’ll look for Deggal, Raziel and Azazel. Martal since good to begin too.

Since we’re working to become Gods I don’t think it would be bad to contact these 4 entities one by one for the same purpose: Ascent and Power!

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