Spiritual Sight

What is the difference between scrying into mid air and the greater vision you would use when evoking a spirit to full materialization?

The only distinction I have so far, is that the greater vision does not start internally and also feels and looks a lot more ‘real’ if that makes sense.

You’re talking about being able to scry in mid air. Which is something pretty different from using greater sight to see something that’s literally right there, if you use it differently. Sure you could scry and look at who’s around you, but you could also scry into the past, present, future, see other people, places, things, your girlfriend, the Taj Mahal, a box of dragon dildos…sky is the limit on that one. You may just be looking in the air, but a crystal ball is a crutch for scrying, if your ability is great enough you will be able to perceive more than just what is in front of you when you scry, you’ll be able to see just about anything you desire to if you train your spiritual sight well enough.

Seeing something that’s there is related to scrying, but it’s not scrying, it relies on being in the same mindset as scrying, but you’re using your spiritual senses of omniscience to be aware of it’s presence. With scrying you’re relying on getting into the same mindset, and using your omniscient senses to be aware of possibly a much greater range of things than just something that’s near you, you could be scrying into different dimensions if you really wanted to…Maybe even a different universe. It’s up to you how you use it, and up to you how you train it.

That’s the best I can think to explain it, so I hope that makes sense.

Best of luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

Thanks Frater.