Spiritual sex

Hello to all, I’m new to the form. I have an entity in my life that has recently in the past several months made itself known to me. Her name is Sarah. Last weekend my wife and I where in bed , I couldn’t fall asleep So I laid there next to my wife, when we sleep our feet normally touch. Sarah came to me and started communicating with pictures of her face and sexual acts with Vibrations and soft touches very arousing. This went on for a few hours she never brings me to climax. That morning my wife told me she had a weird dream. She was on a large boat that was full of beds in separate rooms. She went on to tell me that there were people in most of the rooms and she felt like they were getting ready to have sex and It felt like to her they wanted her to participate . She woke up before anything happened. my wife was sleeping and I was awake She said right before she fell asleep she heard the tablet make a noise and that is when she fell asleep and starter having her weird dream, Well I heard the same noise and Sarah immediately came to me right after that noise. My wife and I have talked about things that have been happening lately. She’s a little uneasy about it now I don’t understand why it’s happening But Sarah seems like she’s very passionate sweet and if I’m Understanding her correctly she’s been with me most of my life. I just haven’ realized it till now.


Please feel free to comment on my post above please tell me what you think about what happened.

I don’t really see how to help you unfortunately. And the fact that few people answered you is because if you search a little you have all the answers on the forum. However, I have already seen someone share the same kind of experience (on another forum).
That makes me think of a succubus. I invite you to do some research on them, the forum is full of resources on it and google too. This link can also help :
However it’s also possible that it is another spirit / entity, don’ t take my word for it and conduct your own investigation :face_with_monocle:

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will do more research, it seams heard for me to find information. You’re link did not show up in the message.