Spiritual religions

Hi could anyone tell me any regions I can try to adopt like how some people do ti-chi something to help keep the spirits in my mind and show them everyday to build my connection with them all ? Andy help would be amazing

Tai Chi isn’t necessarily a religion. In fact, stay away from religion. Try and think of religion and spirituality as two separate things. Religion gives you rules and dogma. Spirituality gives you freedom, individuality, and power. However there are “paths” which are groups of esoteric concepts and spirits which all fit together, usually within a cultural context. There exists a Norse path, a demonic path, a Vodun (Voodoo) path, etc. Only you can decide which path resonates with you and which path doesn’t. For instance, my paths are Norse and Vodun primarily with bits and pieces of demonic influence in there. Start with EA’s stuff on his YouTube channel and see what resonates with you. He does a good job and puts out videos on multiple currents/paths and there will be many more to come. Hopefully that answered your question.


I do tai chi and it’s not a religion!

To do it well you need to work on yourself on all levels for the rest of your life.

So you need to take responsibility for your life and wellbeing- so that rules out the Abrahamic dogma stuff instantly…

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Could someone do a tarot reading for me to find out witch past the spirits think I’m best with as in demonic/ dragons I feel like I’m all over the place and no spirits will guide me if anyone can help me that would be amazing feel so clouded

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I did not do anything, but as I read your last post the word “draconian” popped into my head, which is odd; I have no knowledge of the current. Hmmm. Maybe it was meant for me, maybe it was in relation to you. This is why I would suggest delving and deciding for yourself. Your ascended form already knows, so try and let yourself talk to you.

You can certainly be inspired by various religions but I don’t think that a religious box will help you grow.

Also, if you want to practice Tai Chi religiously, you can perhaps look into Daoism (Daoism is a path, Tai Chi is a martial art).

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The Yoga practices can actually be considered a martial art too, it’s more based on health of the practitioners and not so much on how you can kill people like Medieval martial arts. In fact the Chinese called Tai Chi an “internal” martial art. Anything meant for war like Wushu was an “external” martial art, although both can be used in self-defense.

Okay but energy work can be used for different things, not just killing. Besides, some of the people who most widely adopted Tai Chi were Doaist monks and they were known for longevity. Kung Fu was adopted by Shoalin monks for the same reasons. Health is a component of martial arts (as a fact, not a recon scheme) but not the only benefit. You can certainly kill someone with energy but that’s harder to achieve for some people than learning how to defend yourself from physical attack using your hands. The monks were never actually safe in China, especially during the warring periods. It simply made more sense to use Qi work to empower yourself and deal with the unknown enemy when they were at the doorstep of the temple.