Spiritual origins

What I mean is sort of like human origins. Kind of like ancestry. I want to know where I come from spiritually. Can anyone help with this?


Have you traced your roots back? …I know my family…four Irish brothers came over on a boat and my great grand mother was cherokee

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Not quite what I mean. Not mundanely. Spiritually. Like the Pantheon for example.

@Aiden_Crow Okay. Speculation. Could you evoke your ancestors then have them guide you to their Pantheon?


Not that you aren’t understanding.

You trying to figure out your original source?

I know you know your pantheon.

Push it back farther.

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YES! that’s part of it though. I’ll pm you.

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If you mean reincarnation wise then I might have a few more (probably questionable) ideas.

Ok. :slight_smile:

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Not physical, spiritual.

Oh. Okay. If you find out how could you let me join in? I am interested.

So you mean like who created your soul? Or who spiritually adopted you?




Keep in mind I’m batting off of.instinct


You are blessed because of the mixing of the Irish and Cherokee. People with that mixture are very psychic, lots of potential Lucky you!!

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Aww thank you

I forgot to mention we share that in common.

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I would like to learn more about the Cherokee belief system. I never work with part of my heritage.

Sounds like you are seeking your personal “archtype” as it were. That is how my mind interpreted this at least.


You could say that yes. It fits