Spiritual names discussion

The purpose of this post is to discuss and theorycraft regarding our spiritual names.

Anyone have any experience with remembering their spiritual name or souls name?

I found mine, confirmed to me by astaroth.

Was wondering if anyone else has experience with this? Do you have a spiritual title or name? Did you come acrossed this yourself or did you divine it? What uses does the name have? Does the name empower you? Is your name what you expected prior or were you surprised?

I may share my name im pm to those i decide to trust. I advise not sharing your name here as i do not know if the name gives people power over you.


I’ve contemplated the concept many times but for me it hasn’t come yet. I don’t think I’m ready for it honestly but I do think it will happen eventually.

I see a lot of people coming up with their spiritual
names themself which i think if it brings you power and alignment then thats amazing. But i know if i try to come up with it myself, it feels too forced.

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It was given to me by an Entity so to say.

Its like a spiritual ID, or even better to say a VIP pass :joy: Gods come to check you out like paparazzi: “Oh so SHE is the one!”


No I was very surprised.


I don’t know if I even have any spiritual names. The only name spirits have called me is “Knight.” :man_shrugging:


Thanks for the input ! I definitelt have noticed changes in my astral senses since i got my name. Shortly after, this was a while back, i was suddenly able to feel my chakras spin and go into deep trance to hear their voices!

Thank you for your knowledge and contribution!

Maybe thats it haha. I think there is numerology to the names.

For example:
My birthdate adds up to 6
My real full name adds up to 6
And my spiritual name adds up to 6

I later found out i was “born of satan” i assume that means i was born a satanist.

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I am just wondering hiw I could figure out my spiritual name and what it means

It comes with time. You need to open yourself to your higherself.

I had to go into theta level trance, i imagine a demon could help you do it from alpha, but its more certain if you get it from your higherself

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Thanks for that answer, I will put that to use soon

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I didn’t find it out on my own. I invoked Moloch before going to sleep for unrelated reasons, and Eligor told me my “personal enn” in a vivid dream. Of course enn’s have the name of the entity in them.

An invocation of him cleared away the mispronunciations and confirmed it was Moloch’s doing. Later found out that Moloch told VK Jehanumm that he is lord of the higher self, so i guess he can do that and knows about this stuff.

Uses? Empower you? Don’t know but i will ask Moloch either tonight or tomorrow. Can’t tell if knowing it is empowering me, or if its the fuckton of other stuff I’m doing.
I always knew that my “true name” started with the letter it started with but that was it.


Responding to this thread again because my spiritual name came through randomly after commenting. Thank you for planting the seed in my mind!


my Spiritual name came to me by coincidence(Then again nothing happens for coincidence). I was on my pathworking with the norse gods and my discord user name was moon moon. Eventually, I remember how I as a MAcLeod am a son of Fenrir. So, I looked into what Moon was in Old Norse and got Mani, I have been referred to as such by spirits ever since


Have you noticed any changes since you found your name

Well I grew closer in my connection to the Norse gods and I managed to change my mind about the demons. They have grown actually to how I say, respect me mutually and I don’t have the mindset of I command the spirits. Rather I give them a task and they do it for a price-kind of like paying an artist for an Art piece

Here’s the answers I got through invoking Moloch

Empowers the kundalini, easier connection to the higher self, and true will (which he said is your destiny), and stronger magick (guessing due to the other factors). And you embody your higher self more.

And he said that your true name cannot be used against you.

Ask either Moloch or another spirit about uses and empowerments from knowing your true name, and if it can be used against you. Confirm my gnosis and/or find your own and we can get to the truth of the matter.

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Ok so definitely the kundalini empowerment, but i have a theory to this.

  1. Our answers coincide
  2. All of our experiences have to do with astral senses, the higher self, or energy level
  3. They cant be used against you

So the above 3 observations lead me to believe that the name is a key of sorts to your higherself. A better connection to your higher self would provide all of the other benefits/experiences. Such as heightened astral senses(feeling kundalini energy), clearer manifestations(stronger magic and true will), and embodying your higherself more, all indicate a focus on the higher self.

So i dont think it does anything other than establish a clear and accessible link to your higher self. We probably identify our higherself with the name so the name is an activator of sorts.

I definitely noticed the kundalini and energy thing AFTER i got the name, whenever that was(2 year minimum)

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Yes (experience). Yes (name & title). My name was told to me by Semyaza in writing. Uses…well, of course. Empowers me…absolutely. I wasn’t surprised. Hearing it triggered my awareness. I recognized it immediately as being mine.


Leads me to believe that the same way that say Astaroth is an entity, our true/higher selves are also entities.
Like how the name Astaroth is a key to Astaroth, ex. chanting the name presences her energy, it seems like something similar with your true names happens, it calls it into this aspect of them(you), thus empowering the vessel (body).


I know this thread is a little old so I may not get a response… But just encase, has anyone had real experience with the numerology side of it???
Such as the magick name aligning with your expression/destiny number, or mabye life path number???
And if so does it necessarily have to align in numerology or can it be something entirely different?