Spiritual Mentorship

I was wondering what is the best way to go about being mentored by a spirit/entity? What I want is someone to learn from, to guide me in my spiritual ascent, and just all around help me make my life better and become the person I am destined to be.

I would like a specific entity to be able to build a relationship with and have an altar for them, give them offerings, have ongoing meditations, invocations, evocations etc…and eventually enter into a pact.

I have successfully done sigil magick with King Paimon, Belial, Bune, and they have all been amazing.

I am open to working with any entity/spirit from any path. However what I have researched is most people get almost “chosen” by a spirit, a certain entity calls to a person in a way and they feel drawn to them for some reason and that is their main mentor. Is there to figure out who is best for you? I meditate, but has anyone had success with such things through some type of divination?

One thing that has constantly been recurring in my life as a sort of metaphoric “calling” is a serpent trying to break into my house and smash down my doors through my dreams. This isn’t a frightening thing, but it’s almost like it’s waiting for me to let it into my life. If anyone has any insights on this I’d greatly appreciate it, as I know there are many entities/spirits represented by serpents.

Looking forward to reading the responses and advice, thanks in advace. :slight_smile:


The best way is to sorta just keep working with spirits and being with them, ive noticed that nobody really gets “picked” until they reach a certain point in there journey.

Just keep up the good fight and it will come to you soon, i promise.

If you need anything just pm me, okay?


I suggest listening in meditation. I have daemon tarot cards, they don’t have all the main beings but what you could do is make your own deck. A normal deck of playing cards, and write down all the main beings on the cards, consecrate them and whatever else. Then use them. Ask it questions and see who keeps popping up.


Thanks so much!

Thanks for the advice!

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From what you describe in your dream, I would suggest meditating on the sigil of Belial. Saying his enn out loud and/or in your mind before bed. When you feel like he’s there, ask him to visit you in your dream and say what he wishes to say. That method can work for the other 71 as well. Might be a good practice to try a different one every night. You should definitely have your answer or at least a clue where to go next by the end of that.

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Awesome definitely going to try it. :+1:t4:

Nice. Let us know what you find out!