Spiritual Family:

How do we find out who our spiritual families are? I’ve seen posts here about people finding out about spiritual “parents” or family. So im curious about this.

Is there a way to reach out?


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Either through soul diving yourself, evoking yourself and asking, or through projection are the ways I’ve come to find, though other entities can help you as well.

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I hear people talk about their “spiritual family” a lot. I don’t know exactly how people define their “spiritual families” here but for me my spiritual family would probably consist of Lucifer and Lilith since they were the first one’s to approach me and called me back to this path. There is also King Paimon and there is also my Succubus. I suppose I would consider my “spiritual family” to be entities that I work with the most and entities that I feel the closest too. Not to mention, Lilith told me that I am one of her children. I don’t know exactly what was meant by this but in that sense I could call her a spiritual mother.
As for finding out who they are, I’d say talk to entities that you are close to, they might tell you some things that surprise you.

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Well I see Spiritual families as 1. Those are care about you, love you, and help you/etc. So family by association.

But also as spirits who your soul is related to. Spirits who you came from, and who are related to you.


How do I evoke myself? I think I’ve tried, should I make a sigil for myself? Or?

Making a sigil for yourself would be the easier route.

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Okay for the sigil, should the intent be something like “evoke ____ soul” or how would I program it so I’m evoking my true self/soul. Like do I use my name in the sigil or?

Yeah, I also hear stuff about “Liliths children” or if your one of her “children”.

I mean I had a dream when sleeping on her sigil that during it, I received a message of being her “child” but not litterly, obviously.

I have no idea what that is all about. The children thing. Since I know she only has a few direct children.

Maybe the only way I’m/anyone is her child is something to do with association rather then legitimate. Although I do know some folks are Ubi souls but even then might not be direct child of hers. I for instance was born on a new moon, which she is associated with but I’m not a child of hers. I do share some associations with her.


You can use your name, and the intention when fusing your energy into it to connect you to your soul.

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So the sigil would be made from just my name and then I charge with my intent?

Pretty much.

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I just made the most awful looking sigil. I need to improve my skills…it looks like a smiley face… With either a buck tooth or tounge sticking out…

That was from trying to rearrange the letters that I ended up with from the word I chose to make sigil with.

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Lol my personal sigil I had someone draw for me xD

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I might need to do that.

Either that or I’ll just make the sigil from ONE of the letters and symbols/numbers that are important to me and will connect the sigil to me.

Hm, up to you I only did it because the person was intuitively drawing it but it took months for them to get back to me.

Okay I think I got a new better sigil for me.

I just have to charge it with intent…but then it should be good to go after that.

Now for intent, is sending my energy into the sigil while mentally also sending my intent into/to the sigil enough or do I need to do visualization?

Like mentally stating my intent - but projecting it into the sigil. With the energy I am sending to charge it.

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