Spiritual Experience or Natural Phenomena

Last night, I had a very interesting experience with someone that I’m going to call…doubtful of the spiritual world. Note that this is MY determination for the sake of this post…it may or may not be how he would describe himself.

We were going back and forth discussing things such as evolution v creation; the veracity of spiritual experiences etc…

Part of his contention was that when people have “spiritual experiences” that they are jumping to a conclusion. That conclusion can be that there is a spiritual realm, a “supernatural” force giving them guidance, that dead relatives are talking to them, etc… His assertion is that all of these experiences and more are simply things that humanity doesn’t understand about our minds etc…and that as a result, we jump to a conclusion and attribute these happenings to some supernatural force, be it God, Demon, Angel, Ancestor, psychic power or anything else.

I personally agree that to a degree, there are things that we don’t understand and can at times jump to the conclusion that it is some “spiritual meaning.”

I’m curious though, what do you all think. Do you think that all these things we experience have a strictly natural (natural meaning physical, scientific) explanation that humans just don’t understand yet, and are attributing to some, very possibly imaginary spiritual realm…or do you think that science, although useful, cannot explain all that is?

Do you think that there is any argument or evidence that can be given to TRULY PROVE spiritual existence?


No there is no such an argument, the spiritual world’s perception is based on faith and 6th sense. if someone lacks faith and 6th sense they will never acclaim the existence of spiritual world even if hits them straight in the face. they would consider themselves mentally ill. i am sure of this for 99%

But I know there is philosophical argument that is 100% valid and disproves materialism, also quantum physics tells us about mystical nature of the world but still , materialists will just claim that these factors apply only to mind faculties, not objective spiritual reality.

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Of course. It’s not not like the two worlds function apart from one another. Although the spirit realm is obviously far more fluid and has deeper implications.

However, materialists would have to suspend their cult-like disbelief that they’ve been programmed to hold on to; same with occultists thinking everything is woo-woo and disregarding science.

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I agree with that. I believe that the “supernatural” is in fact quite natural. But his whole argument being that it isn’t existent … or rather that there is no real proof therefore he can’t accept it.

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