Spiritual coven

so o was doing this ritual and i went into a trance and this happened

i was taken to a forest a big forest at night. I could hear all the sounds of the forest and me bugs, birds I think and even a bat. them this girl appeared upfront of me about 10 meters away. she was wearing a black robe with the hood covering the top of her head, crimson red lips, and black hair. she asked me if I was scared I told her no and she giggled and said good I walked up to her and followed her to a group of others wearing the same black robes holding candles. they were surrounding a little pool of water in the ground surrounded by rocks with the moon reflecting off it. she picked up a chalice took water from the pool and cut her hand a bit. them she dripped the her blood in the chalice and walked up to me. she said join us and drink. so I did, she smiled and said welcome pulled off her hood her eyes changed from blue to purple them back to blue cat eyes she took my shoulder and kissed me. them i came out of the transe and now I still can here the sounds of the forest.

I feel like I joined some sort of dark coven and now I feel more connected to the forest and night.