Spiritual blood

I noticed that Attakeria (my essence) sometimes uses his own «blood» for certain rituals associated either with enhancing creative activity, or with establishing communication with other entities. Moreover, for some time I can feel even a slight pain at the cut site, but this quickly disappears. In appearance, the blood is of some kind of silvery color and is used only when Attakeria is in androgynous form.

I wonder if you have ever seen a spirits use its “blood” in rituals?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

If that counts: I have used my own blood without using my blood, if that makes sense. During a meditation about a certain kind of problem and while asking myself for a solution I’ve felt a sharp cutting pain in one finger and it felt to me as if my blood was coming from out of the wound that I didn’t have.
Literally a few minutes later the problem was solved.
Now, I don’t claim that I have any kind of essence that would be worth mentioning (because I really don’t) but apparently a non-physical part of me was able to use blood.


Thanks for sharing your experience! In my case, I see this process of using “spiritual blood”, but the aforementioned rituals themselves are designed for long-term impact.

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Yes it’s as common as humans who do it.


Thanks for the answer! So far, I have only seen similar rituals performed by Attakeria, but perhaps someday I will see other spirits doing it.

The whole spiritual blood confuses me as much as any other “spiritual” fluid I’ve seen mentioned and have personally experienced.

But why does this confuse you?

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Because I find things like spiritual blood, tears, other “fluids”… should be physical things. Yet even I have experienced these things. However the world is a weird place.

It’s just interesting to me.

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