Spiritual Bathing (No Bath Tub, No Problem)

Spiritual Bathing Yet No Bath

As many of you may or may not know I’m a huge fan of spiritual bathing, in baths in general although lately I’ve stopped them altogether and have been doing cold showers every morning as a part of new routine of mine, which I won’t bore you with. Now I am very intricate when it comes to my spiritual bathing, how intricate you may ask well I may overdo it slightly. I use burning incense fumigation process to purify the bathtub and the bathroom itself, as well as cleansing sprays and mists in the air simultaneously whilst reciting corresponding incantations.

Once the space is usually ready I’d fill up the tub, add into ritual bath salts such as uncrossing bath salts, energy cleansing salts, energy revitalisation salts, florida water, protection oils, consecration oil, an elixir of empowerment, along with a herbal concoction I created specifically for spiritual hygiene. I do this with so many extra things thrown into the mix, lately however I’ve been switching it up, utilising no ingredients, tools or items whatsoever, this routine I share with you is absolutely revitalising, liberating and quite empowering.

The Fountain Of Revitalisation

I’ll simply let the shower run as the water is running I’ll stand in front of the falling droplets, and visualise the droplets begin to emit their elemental blue energetic light. As I do this I’ll state something as simple as the following

“I call upon the watchtower of the west, I summon the powers of the western quadrant, I welcome the healing, rejuvenating, revitalising and cleansing mystical waters that flow from the azure gate, for I enter your waters to be transfigured”

I simply sense how the dormant potency of water seems to suddenly awaken more so within each and every single droplet, shining brighter and brighter like an ocean of eternal liquid light which emits from source itself. Somewhat admiring the divine energetic fountain for a moment, i will close my eyes and enter the falling waters.

I’ll simply breathe in and out slowly, envisioning that as the water runs across my entire body, liquid light not only anoints me but that’s its cerulean luminescence enters into me. As the liquid light courses throughout my energy centres, my energy pathways, my energy body/subtle bodies, my energy field. As the waters trickle downwards I’ll envision that light slowly loosing its glow and becoming misty, murky and darker as it escapes me and runs down the plug, expelling from the self all toxicity, negative impurities, unwanted attachments and so forth.

I’ll also wash my body with an additional “cleansing soap bar” although sometimes I don’t, it’s pretty optional as I do that I’ll recite phrases repetitively whilst maintaining the visualisation such as.

“I am purged of that which binds, infects and affects my heart, I expel emotional distress and negativity, I banish that which darkens the shine of my heart”


“I am purged of that which binds, infects and affects my mind, I expel doubt, I expel confusion, i banish any and all negative mental fog which plagues or infects my mind”


“I let go off that which does not serve me, I let go off the past and wipe the sins I commit against myself away, I banish resentment, I banish ignorance, I banish pain, I banish doubt, I banish loneliness, I banish impatience, I banish that which does not serve me”

Others such as

“I wipe away all energetic impurities, negativity and toxicity now, I banish you, be gone.
I wipe away all negative attachments made with those that do me harm knowingly and unknowingly, I banish you, be gone.
I wipe away all attacks, bindings, hexes, jinxes and curses done upon me, I banish you, be gone.
I do away with all blockages, restrictions and parasites, I banish you, be gone”.

You get the general idea, once done and your physical body is free of the less desirable energy and essence as well as the gunk that built it within you. Simply step out of the shower allow your body to air dry now at this point, I will often use the singing bowl and vibrate the seven Bija Mantras whilst cycling light through the seven chakras, with the vibrations harmonising the chakras.

Once done here’s a cool little trick recite the flame chant, channeled and given by E.A. Koetting as your arms extend wide to form your body into a cross.

“Itz Rachu Mantantu Vespacha Kaltamu
Itz Ranta Mant Kala Mant Atzu Belt Tazu
Vaskalla Itz Rachu Kantantu Velchatza”

I’ll recite the above incantation about ten to fifth-teen times, as I do so I’ll begin envisioning the flames of eternity descending through the ceiling pouring into me, as this occurs I’ll also envision the seven sons of the immortal Phoenix rising around me, as this occurs as I breathe in this energy and power I’ll state.

“I call upon the power of the eternal flames,
Seven sons of the immortal Phoenix,
Fly down to my calling now, fill me with power,
Revitalise, invigorate and empower me now,
Enter my heart, enter my mind,
Enter my body, enter my spirit,
Penetrate the deepest layers of my being now”

I’ll do this and begin reciting the flame chant again, as the fiery eternal power begins to pour into me as it reaches its apex and gains critical mass, I’ll simply vibrate my magickal name/the godname as a invocation of the limitless self, the atman that lurks behind the curtains of the human we all are. As that happens the power almost immediately not only increases but seems to ground within you, soaking up into you becoming a solid current locked in the self.

This energy circumventing throughout the self simply, push that energy outwards into your energy field as you feel it becoming fortified envision a sphere of light solidifying around you, whilst holding the intention to fortify your spiritual defences and protection. I’ll simultaneously begin visualising upon the sphere a sigil of Asaruludu, and vibrating the spirits name as a mantra pulling their power into my own energy sphere reinforcing it by that entities power.

I’ll often do this with various sigils and names of various entities such as Asaruludu, Kruvest, Haask, Astarte etc. Once reinforced simply bring your hands together into a prayer mudra and feel the fiery brilliance of your own pure energy and the combination of the invoked power radiating so intensely that you have become a huge astral inferno, at which point I then recite the following incantation below.

“Ashtu malku ta dat arkata Sastus seckz altamu partu Iretempal krez ta felta Vaskalla regent met senturus Ta sastrus estos melta Kelta, kelta, ketla hine”.

Now this is an incantation from the kingdom of flames, this summons a blast wave of banishing power which not only will banish any potential lingering gunk upon you, but that you can use to push that fiery energy in combination with the conjured banishing energy into the area you occupy or throughout your entire home, banishing all impurities from the self and your space simultaneously.

I then simply follow this by placing on my Q-link pendant which I’ve had tremendous beneficial experiences with in regards to my own toroidal field and external sources of energy. Drinking a class of water and grounding myself to the earth through vines and roots flowing through me wherein I’ll continue with my normal meditative routine.

I cannot begin to explain the sheer potency or feeling you get from this, the only way you can find that out is by performing this yourself so go ahead and let us all know your results and experiences, infernal blessings to you all.



Cool, i have try this and yes like you said i feel something different from the water like it turn become something mystical and magical. After that i feel like clean and free. Thanks for the method

I have been looking for something substantive for ritual showers, and this fits my desire perfectly.

I have 2 more of your rituals bookmarked on here, plus the Black Magician’s Handbook that I need to finish, and several of your Infernal Obelisk YT videos…time to get to work! Thanks so much for all you contribute, Conner! :black_heart: :heart: :purple_heart: