Spirits With No Known Sigils

Many Spirits do not have any known sigil… The Rose Cross sigil generator can be used to create sigils from any word or name but I was wondering if the power of the mind alone might be enough to call forth the Entity.

Say you want to work with Larz, Carnivean, Gressil, Rosier, Oeillet and so on but do not have their sigil… Would you simply utilize the Rose Cross sigil generator?

Also… Working with lesser known Spirits might be useful in the sense much less mages call on them all the time.

What’s important is to actually make contact with the Spirit and be able to have them work along with us on some common goals.

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pretty much a rhetorical question

If you know the name then just use it when evoking or attempting to make substantial contact.

You could also ask the spirit for a sigil after you have made contact. Though as S.V.E. said you just need its name, the spirit can give you a sigil to use when working with it

I’m kinda tone-deaf to spirits so I don’t even know how I’d get such info from them…

I have read elsewhere that using the squares from the Abreamelin book have worked well for others when no spirit sigil is known.

Here are sigils for Barron, Verdelet and Œillet (or Oeillet). Pronouced \œ.jɛ\ in French: recording of “un œillet” which mean “an eyelet” (small hole in cloth surrounded by a metal ring, for putting a string or rope through) or “a carnation” (a a flower with a sweet smell, often worn as a decoration on formal occasions such as weddings).


Sigils of Barron, Verdelet and Oeillet, from the Praxis Magicae attributed to Francois Prelati. [Private collection]
Link: http://larkfall.tumblr.com/post/76254601727/sigils-of-barron-verdelet-and-oeillet-from

Now, I assume that these sigils for Barron, Verdelet and Oeillet are in respective order, from left to right.



Regarding the pronunciation of Œillet (or Oeillet), it’s pronounced \œ.jɛ\ in French (with a light stress on \jɛ). It’s akin to saying the first “a” of America with a more bit more jaw drop, and then “yeah”.

Here’s a recorded pronunciation of “un œillet” (the N sound comes from “un”, not “œillet”):

  1. https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=File%3AFr-%C5%93illet.ogg

  2. https://fr.wiktionary.org/wiki/%C5%93illet#Prononciation

It can also be pronounced \ø.jɛ\ . Here’s the recorded pronunciation: https://dictionnaire.lerobert.com/definition/oeillet

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I’m trying to read the symbols (or letters) in the three seals. The left one has (what looks like an) Aleph as the second letter, so that probably would be the one for Baron - like you said.
The names of the other two both end on ‘ET’ and maybe the person who drew these wasn’t sure what he was writing or the original from which he copied it was already corrupted. But the first two letters of both seals (reading right to left…) look so similar as well? The second letter in both COULD be a Resh but might just as well be a Vav or even a Zayn. Although, looking at it again, the one in the middle seal looks more like a Resh and the following letter could be a Quoph.
Only the middle seal has something that resembles a Lahmed. The first letter I don’t recognize.
But maybe it isn’t even Hebrew. Probably. Sorry, I tried to add something.
Wait a minute. Maybe the first letter in both seals (the middle and the right one) is an Aztin. Just like the fourth letter in the left seal.
And instead of a Quoph, the third letter in the middle is a Daleth.
Then the middle seal reads
Ayin Resh Dalet Lamed (another Ayin?) and Tzaddi
ARDLAT (Verdelet?)

The third seal then is
Ayin Vav Lamed Ayin Tzaddi
AVLAT (Oeillet?)

Adding nothing, only entertaining myself.

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