Spirits with antlers, Joghandýr

Hello brothers and sisters.
I seek your knowledge and experience.

The name Joghandyr has been repeating in my head for a few days now as i was reminded of some experiences i had long ago. I did some research on the name and so far i have only found dýr whish means deer or wild beast in old norse…Jogan whish is translated from arabic to Anchorite (literally the goal for my future)

Without saying too much, the first spirit i ever saw clearly, looked like the beeing in the picture i have posted. But with brown fur and yellow feline eyes…Much like Cernunnos. Years later my dying friend saw me as this entity aswell, while i was healing him. As he was floating above his body. (He described me specifically as an antler horned elf with alabaster lightgreen skin covered in azure silver flames sprouting wings of corporeal energy. Behind me stood a similar beeing, but larger, he said that he was so bright that it was hard to destingwish any specific details or characteristics)

I consumed a black orb that i pulled from his chest, everyone present in the room started crying, sweating and shaking uncontrolably for a while after the orb was consumed. I could feel it becoming part of myself and was burned within me. My friend survived, and his mental and physical health has greatly improved since then.

We live in Sweden, very close to a few viking/old norse villages and ritual sites/big rune stones but i personally have no Swedish ancestry or norse biological heritage. (Somehow i feel that its relevant, spirits of the land etc)

My gut says that im getting close to discovering a race of beings that i am connected to…i believe that they are connected to norse and celtic mythology, Vanaheim and Alfheim. And it will go full circle with my supernatural experiences.

I want to move on from thinking about this, as i feel obsessing over what i am is a waste of time, yet i cant let it go.

Please share your thoughts, if yall have ever seen or heard of any spirits like it, please tell, if your intuition speaks to you while reading this, please tell what comes to mind. Sorry for my shitty spelling haha
Blessed be.

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The races within alfheim are the elves who were thought to be the dead who became elves or “land spirits” and a Freyr’s boar berserkers and Vanaheim is home of the Vanir Gods.

Norse has nothing to do with the Qliphoth or Kabbalah.

Entities with stag antlers can range from simple therian spirits to the Slavic nature spirits and where you live doesn’t exactly matter to what your spirit is.


Thanks for your answer, there are alot of correlating similatities between the different paths my friend, dont let different progressions of systems and believes by different cultures devide the entire world into separate mountains of trash. Cous they all share the same nuggets of gold hidden in plain sight.

felt like i should say that, im not here to start an argument about that tho haha. No need to reply to that, im sure you know more about K AND Q than i :slight_smile:
again thanks for your answer.

It’s not dividing anything, they just have nothing to do with one another, the Qliphoth is a reversion of the Kabballah those two have things to do with one another but Yggdrasill has nothing to do with those two.

As someone whose spiritual self also has stag antlers and ties to the Nordic pantheon-celtic pantheons but I have 0 ties to the Kabballah or Qliphoth, as human beings we often try to push connections where there is none to make better sense of what is there, but Yggdrasil was seen as something legitimate an actual tree, while the other two are more structural concepts.


Very true, i simply believe that humans has always tried to reach and understand the same things, there is just different flavours of the same juice depending on where the fruit is harvested.

thanks for sharing your wisdom