Spirits to Influence the Stock Market

Can anyone recommend spirits and/or rituals that can influence the stock market? Maybe a form of divination to help determine which stocks to buy, when to buy or sell etc. The stock market is a form of gambling, after all, I figure. Maybe those same spirits can be used in the stock market.

Advice? Suggestions?


I heard that Amaymon is good spirit for advice in business and is supposed to help with economic problems.Also Kind Paimon can change mind of a specific person or manipulate a situation so that you get financial gain.Also also there is a spell given by EA Koetting,it’s on his yt channel and it’s called ,How to shamelessly manipulate human beings with Black Magick’’,and it works good if you know any influential people who can bring down stock market.

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Flips through book

Clauneck is said to be good for things like the money market- but his mojo if primed for you to WORK for your money.

Halah’thor- may be. He’s a wealth/joy/satisfaction in all aspects of life and wealth kinda guy. I’m working-ish with him.

Oliver is money, prosperity, vengeance (what better vengeance than success?) luck, war and righting wrongs.

And Mamon- money, wealth, profit and prosperity.

Oh! Games- there is/was someone who came across my radar that was a go to for winning games. Have to see which book I put 'em in though

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The book magical riches by Damon brand has a ritual where you call on three genii spirits to give you fortune foresight(divination) and it strips away illusions. I’ve used that ritual to great effect. It has a lot more uses than the stock market but it’s primary focus is the stock market. Not to mention there are so many other valuable rituals there. If you insist in working with demons of the goetia than you should call on bime and ask he bestows the power of wisdom when making financial decisions. And to call on King Purson to ensure your decisions will make money. You should also call on bime to bring a large and flowing wealth to your career. Good luck. This will help you a lot. It’s helped me very much hopefully it will do the same to you


I do know that Valak is good with money and finding it I think Amy is another good demon for finding and gaining money

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There is a demon, Riprinay, who does exactly that .

Riprinay - Riprinay has the amazing ability of seeing into the future to
predict economic changes. He can help you plan which stocks to invest in and
can foresee market conditions that will give you an investment edge in other
areas as well.

This is his sigil



I do day trading. About 6 weeks ago I had J.S. Garret do his successful business ritual for me. It is working very well. Things started falling into place for me and moving me to take action. I would recommend it for anyone.


Riprinay, Riprinay, Rriprinay
Show me Where to Invest My Money
In the Financial World

Riprinay, Riprinay, Riprinay
Invest My Money
In the Stock Market World

All the Things I could do
Earning Passive Income Money
In the Investment World
In the Financial World

*to Aba Money, Money, Money.


Hi there OP! IME getting ahead in a competitive arena like a market requires an onion-styled strategy to cover all the bases. The market is sort of like a realm all it’s own, so navigators and explorers have a leg up. A market is constantly in motion so adaptability and variance is useful, so Mercurial and Uranian energies can be a big help.

Try contracting a deity that rules those patterns to coordinate your efforts. There are some ‘colonial’ versions of Apollo that can help you out with this! :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to get more information on/about Riprinay? I keep getting redirected in my on line searches. Vaguely mention that they could be peacock shape.

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He’s in Konstantinos’ book Summoning Spirits.

Here’s what it says about him:

Sphere: Jupiter

Appearance: When you first summon Riprinay, he will appear as a large blue peacock. If you ask him to change his appearance, he will turn into a blue cloud and reform as a man with the head of a peacock, wearing a golden robe.

Expertise/Tasks: Riprinay has the amazing ability of seeing into the future to predict economic changes. He can help you plan which stocks to invest in and can foresee market conditions that will give you an investment edge in other areas as welL


@DarkestKnight since forever I wanted to ask someone about that book.Is it legit?Are there any pars that should be left out?

That would be why the peacock bit sounds familiar. I have a digital version but it’s a pain to navigate.

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It is a very good book with rock solid developmental exercises. However, it is Golden Dawn derived, so it’s method of evocation includes the LBRP, the Hexagram ritual, and the vibration of Hebrew godnames, as well as the Spheres of the Tree of Life.

It was one of the first books I have ever read that gives exercise sets for developing the ability to see and hear spirits, and they work.

The book is worth it, in my opinion, for the exercises alone, but the list of 50 spirits and their sigils is also pretty useful. It is the book EA got the spirit Mesphital from, that he included in Works of Darkness, as well as his evocation course.


I understand.What I like to do when I am practicing magick and things like evocation,I like to read a book from any path in that practice,for example,I read books on Hermetic and Kabbalistic ways of evocation,Solomonic grimoires and their ways of evocation etc…Than I take out all of dogmatic bs and find some parts that are legit.I have gone through the book but I have seen a lot of Kabbalistic stuff so I kind of left it alone,because I didn’t know if it was worth it to read if I was going to waste some time on it.Anyways,thanks

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Oh, Yeah I this idea. You how we African-Americans like to sing! We get down and invoke/evoke our ancestral spirits, the nature spirits, and other entities. Things happen. That’s magick.

Have any of you ever been to a Black church where we raise up the “Holy Spirit”?

I used this song with the sigil and I already felt the power surge through my soul!

All ethnicities/races have similar rituals. You gots to have soul!




And yeah, I’ve seen it/felt it in just mundane/they weren’t even trying situations. The song idea came to me when it was pointed out the “It’s Friday and I’m in Love” song is actually one huge love spell and ritual (look at that music vid, they ain’t even trying to hide what they are doing).

Pretty sure Aba wasn’t doing a money ritual/spell but that doesn’t stop the song from being one.

Things happen.

I read asmoday is in control of the gambling in hell so i assume he’s the man to ask for help in gambling. Valac can help with lucky numbers so he might be able to help too. I’ll have to ask them and test it out as gambling si a good hobby of mine. hopefully with them demons’ help i can make it profitable. A man can dream right?

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J.H.Brennan in experimental magic writes about a group who works with elemental spirits and use contact with those spirits to predict changes in stock market.

Some use pendulums in deep trance or some practics of Silva Method use psychometrics. Other try trough selfhypnosis and lucid dreaming programme dreams to predict stock markets.

Jason Miller also mentioned contacing with archangel Tzapkiel to get information aout market trends.