Spirits to help with addiction

I have some addictions I need help destroying these addictions, but i can’t bring myself to do it. I’m far too attached to it. Any spirits besides Belial that can help with this?

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Lucifer I think, you can ask for his help

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Azazel can help with this from what i have heard.

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Buer has a great reputation for this.

And feeding your own spirit so you can handle that the addiction hijacks all your cognitive faculites to argue for more… that will probably be something to prioritise.


So true.

Ahhh I see. Any tips for summoning him?

You could try Marbas. I am doing something for someone else tonight in an hour or so, I can definitely talk to Marbas for you


I would love that! Could you ask him if he’s willing to help with my addiction? I think I’ll start with Buer first I might go to Marbas later. I just wanna know if he would like to. Also maybe could you ask him what my connection to him is?

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I had a thing… Magick and booze

Addiction pits you against yourself in all ways, which is why people who think they’re too clever or strong-willed to get hooked can get most fucked, and those who can uncritically accept AA and just be told what to do sometimes get free with more ease than the thinking person.

Crass, but I’ve seen this a lot.

Buer, sigil and enn, those will work fine. :sun_behind_small_cloud:


Opfaal, the Angel of Deliverance, from Kingdoms of Flame.

“He can free the mind from any fears or plagues, and can release the individual from addictions.” KoF pg 68


This x10. I knew a psychiatrist specializing in addiction who once told me offhandedly while discussing her work that the smartest individuals tended to be the ones that were the hardest to help: not only because they tend to think that they’re too smart to be vulnerable to addiction, but because they tend to be too skeptical to unquestionably commit to something like AA and their mind can keep providing more complex rationalizations to use.

I have no personal experience with using spirits to conquer addiction, but I have heard good things about KoF’s Opfaal as @DarkestKnight pointed out. Amethysts are also supposed to be helpful crystals for overcoming addictive tendencies.

On the mundane side of things, eliminating environmental triggers can be very helpful. This can mean cutting all ties to friends who still partake, avoiding situations and places that remind you of the “good” old times, and in general eliminating any potential source for cravings.

Most importantly, find something that you’re passionate about to replace the addictive substance. You’ll have a hole within your psyche after quitting something that has been a major part of your life for so long: you need to fill it with something constructive that gives you meaning and purpose.


I 2nd Marbas, and also recommend Bhairava, Lilith (she can teach handling extremes), Met Kafou (To prevent harm from coming to you and close yourself off from it).

On a more general note, spirits of Saturn work well in this regard too, if you’re lucky you can find one specialized in drugs by travelling to Saturn.


Lucifer, belial, Azazel, marbas, Raphael, Michael

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Drugs weren’t specified, only addiction so maybe @Serpent if it’s not too personal a question, what are the addictions you seek to break? Drugs, gambling, alcohol, sex?

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be carefull in order to work with buer you must be clean at least one day and no smell of cigarette or any drug he will be upset and leave you or something tribble