Spirits to bring me the desired one

Do there exists spirits that literally can bring me the girl I desire? My case is that I don’t know her last name, so I have not been able to find her on social media but I remember her first name and I have pictures of her. Incenses I have for offerings are Sandalwood, Jasmine and Frankincence.


That depends on a lot of factors, but I’ve read on the forum there are. Maybe @anon39079500 or @Dralukmun can tell you what they know about the matter as they’ve been around the forum a while. From what I’ve read it’s not always a happily ever after when you magick someone to love or like you. They might point you to relevant threads (or they’ll tell you to use the search feature).

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This one is a bit outside my expertise, as I have not approached spirits in regards to love. While I do credit love magic as being part of the reason I am happily married today (ironically, she also performed a similiar spell that I did), it did not involve any spirit nor was there a specific target. More or less a series of traits I desired in a partner, as well as a personal wild card, and the pushing of my will into manifestation.

The most I could do is suggest a few spirits that I have heard of others approaching, which would be Amon, Aphrodite/Venus, Eros, and Freyja.


Fro’ghla’tasch from the Book of Azazel is said to be “capable of fulfilling every sexual, intimate, or emotional need, calling into the life of the magician a lover, spouse, friend, or any person that is able to help fulfill the specific needs of the magician, whether such a person already exists in his life and is unresponsive, or if that person is called out of a crowd of strangers from a great distance.”


Astaroth can make her contact me?

Rinse a bowl with water and sunlight
Summon Gomory on Friday night, put it in the bowl gifts, the best gift is your red and white blood (sperm), but anything that is offered with your love is accepted.take two drops of blood on her sigil and say: “alash tad al’ash tal ashtu in the name of lucifer i invoke you to do my will, with power of lucifer with respect i will to obey.”
And ask for your wish and read the text once again with full faith, love and respect. If you want to get a stronger result, give your sperm in the bowl once a week and do not wash it.



I can see sandalwood is the incense of that demon. That can be used as offering?

Astaroth is a good option when it comes to love, I dont know, Freya is always a good option also, Aphrodite, Venus, this has already been suggested. Point is, will the spirits obey your orders.

The best for you to practice magic would be to invent the ritual yourself. It is the best option that enhances your creativity also. Just follow the general rules, I dont know, dont use Saturnian influences, rather use Venusian. Use things that remind you of love.

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I decided to work with Zepar and have now given him a task. Should I do this daily? It’s the first time I really work with a spirit.


Trust in your angels and guardians. You will meet her again if she’s the one, if not - do not fear, you’ll meet another.

Best of luck.

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