Spirits & Their Kabbalah/Gematria Numbers

I was unsure where to place this post.

I am attempting to utilize the science of Gematria, in relation to Kabbalah, to discern the numerical value of given spirits.

I have attached a list of spirits, namely the 9 Demonic Kings of the Goetia, whose numbers I have possibly arrived upon.

I’d like confirmation as to whether or not I am arriving at the numbers properly.

Some gematria doesn’t rely on taking the numbers right down to one digit, especially if the number is 11 or 23 (and probably others) - I think the single-digit thing is more for modern numerology.

You might find more interesting results if you search online gematria calculator and see what those yield? Some have a range of English, Greek & Hebrew gematria, and give results for each number set that include what people have previously searched for, the results are usually interesting.

Not really my area of expertise though. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Eva

That’s exactly what I utilized. I reduced them all to a single digit because I understand how Kabbalah works:

I will attempt to pass on what I have learned:

Numbers are equivelent. The number 666 = Man living in base consciousness (not enlightened, not acting as an enlightened being, and apathetic.) 6+6+6 = 18. 1+8 = 9

So you see, the number 666 is equivalent to the number 9.

666 = Satan, and man living in base consciousness. So does the number 9, for they are equivalent.

Technically, Gemetria is supposed to be done in Hebrew rather than English. That doesn’t mean you can’t but there’s some problems. Most of the names of the goetic demon names aren’t purely Semitic (Hebrew), some are Latin or even Romanian or a combination of the two. From what I’ve seen, like Lucifer’s name, is actually just Latin whereas, oddly enough, some of the grimoires state he never appears as such instead it’s the appearance of Lucifuge Rofocale- Rofocale reportedly being an anagram for Focalor, which was another demon that summons other three demon kings.

Lucifuge is Latin, Rofocale is apparently Romanian but only if you drop the E- according to Google translator. The other problem I could imagine is the wording on symbols. Agrippa has a pretty comprehensive explanation of the wording of the symbols but they aren’t in English. They’re just coding for other alphabets that could be Greek or Hebrew.

I personally wouldn’t use English since, in Gemetria (along with Temurah, Aiq Bekar or other Notarikan) the value of number would be different since there’s more vowels and thus, different meanings. Yes you can use it that way if you want so long as you get the same results. Now I’m telling you what to do but as a safety measure, I’d do the Hebrew correspondence list with demon names already in Hebrew (like what Wikipedia can offer) and then getting the value from that before moving into English. You might be contacting another creature or nothing at all.

Finally, and I apologize for length, the spellings in terms of how they are to be pronounced are different from Hebrew. In Beleth, for example, if it were Hebrew orignally, the Th would be a different value that just T and H. I hope this helps you and best of luck!