Spirits that rule or represent luxury

Is this something you’ve come across? The beings that gatekeep and guard the mysteries of luxury and finery?
I know of Mammon, Babalon, love goddesses etc but I find this interesting.
Much like the 9 of Pentacles card also.

What do you think of the energy of luxury? Is it spiritual to you?


Any Powerful Spirit-Entity can change your fortune and attract wealth and prosperity for you and yours. I do not believe that ‘Mammon’ exists as an entity and rather believe that it is a kind of Egregor to confuse the layman. Attracting wealth is not something that is achieved overnight and takes years; moreover you must always give a payment for it; of whatever kind; sometimes even cruel and with your own blood.

In direct answer to your question, I do not consider that there are specific entities associated with wealth or luxury, but there are spirits that feel better in more luxurious houses, apartments or temples.

I hope I have helped you.

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yes thank you. I hope to visit these different realms and learn more

Lucifer, Jupiter

You don’t need $1,000,000,000 to live in luxury. You need some money, but then it’s about what you do with that money. If you buy cheap crap that has a short lifespan, unless you have that spending money you’re stuck buying cheap crap over and over.

Usually “luxury” means 500% margins for the seller. That’s not a joke often luxury fashion has those margins. Good for the seller, but just cause it ain’t Gucci with a logo plastered on it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a luxurious feel.

I spend time at home in pajamas with a blanket, and they’re soft as fuck. I drink from my memorabilia water mug, eat on stone plates, and I selected the best residence from the bunch cause I had the thought to not give in and wait for the good one. My choices last into the future, instead of constantly decaying to zero.

No money though, and it’s much harder, and the pentacles are definitely connected to stable wealth. Lucifer and Jupiter both are strong with this power.


There are several spirits that deal with luxury. If by luxury you really mean money or wealth.


Many more if you use the BALG forum’s Search function.


Thank you all.
Yes the mysteries of luxury and what constitutes wealth is intriguing for sure

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I’m pretty sure money is what constitutes wealth, but finance certainly is a fascinating subject.

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