Spirits smashing glasses?

Ok so i have been working with a few spirits to help with my esteem etc
But the other night when at a family party glasses just started falling off the table 5 mins apart from each other

Is this my spirits telling me that these family members are not good for me?

Can’t say that for sure but it sounds like one of them or more then 1 were jealous about your attention being on someone else during the party.

Add: kind of like it was saying ‘ hey over here I’m over here not there look at me ‘ or something to that effect.

If it was jealous you probably need to have a talk with it but if that doesn’t work you might have a problem in the future with it.

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Jealous of family? Wow didnt think that was possible
Ive had issues with these family members in the past

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Mmm interesting

Any spirit that pulls nonsense like that needs to be let go of. A mature, strong spirit won’t act like a toddler.


I’d say banish, I’ll be damned if an angel or demon smashes shit