Spirits pulling me out of my body?

So sometimes while I’m laying in bed in the morning, spiritual things start to happen;

This morning for example I was laying there with my eyes closed as I suddenly felt someone put their arms under mine and try to pull me out of my body.

After the third yank I was suddenly out and was in what felt like a ballon full of warm water.
I didn’t want to open my eyes in the process because I didn’t want to ruin anything.

The spirit who did pull me out disappeard after.
It feels like they want to hide their identity.
I always wonder if it’s my succubus.

For some reason while I was just floating in this ball of water I started to panic and opened my eyes and I could see my own room but like very blurry.

I have a other similar experiences aswell.

One time for example I was being pulled out of my body by someone who put their hands under my back holding me like and injured person and I could feel that I was at a beach.

I was just at the shore but still submerged under water, I looked up to see who was holding me but because the water was flowing the face was blurred.
I do believe it was a woman however.(Maybe my succubus?)
I could also hear exotic birds who sounded so beautiful.
Felt like I was on an island
I was at peace and felt comfortable. After a while I slowly woke up in my physical body while still hearing those birds singing.

Now, the questions.
-Have you people experience this aswell at one point?
-Who could be doing this and why?
-Could it be my succubus hiding her identity?
-Why was I in this ball of water?

Let me know if you want to hear more experiences.

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I have a similar experience.
In my life happened a knife fight one evening.
After this, when I went to bed I awoke in my flat astrally. I went into my living room and like remote-controlled I was able to see through my third eye. There was a headless man which made me unable to see him anymore. After this two Centaurs appeared and one took me to the ground. Then I saw myself on the couch from years before and after this I suddenly lay in my bed. Two angels were there which worked on me. One sewed my hands and feet. Then it ended. I awoke.


What possible message were you able to pull out of this?
I believe ther’s always a reason for things happening.

Maybe the two angels in your story is them showing you that they will always be there for you.