Spirits - particularly Saints and Angels?

I have noticed that Catholics (Hoodoo practicioners, Witches, a lot of others too) contact Saints and Angels fairly routinely.
I noticed that everyone doing the LBRP is calling on Archangels for protection.

For the popular Saints (like St. Jude) or Angels (like Michael) there are a lot of people asking them for stuff.

Are Spirits sort of everywhere, like the notion of the Christian God?
How do Spirits interact with several different people, all around the world, at the same time?

Some of the popular Catholic Saints could easily have a million people coming to them on any given Sunday.
Perhaps 10s of thousands on any normal day.

How do spirits answer all of us?

(the Catholic say that God empowers the Saints, but I think that it is quite likely that demons are being contacted by numerous people at the same time, and they do it too)
So if former Gods, now being called Demons can do it, surely God would not power communication for them. So somehow these former Gods/now Demons can do it too.

How is this possible? For any spirit to hear more than one person at once.

Entities do not need power from “God”, they are power/ energy themselves.
They follow other laws than humans.
Let’s take Archangel Michael as an example. You invoke him, and you start seeing a light and hearing a voice. But what you see/feel/hear is not all of his energy, just a tiny part of it. That’s the easiest way to explain it I guess.


Like some spirits of the goetia are in charge of legions, so I’m sure an angel like Michael is I’m charge of many angels…


Yes indeed. That’s another way to see it.


Spirits aren’t limited by space and time, they exist in an eternal present, although this isn’t Judaism and Christianity’s point of view. According to “scientific high magic” the astral body and plane are beyond the speed of light, and spiritual body/plane have the speed of thought.

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Well there is a few different ways we can answer this:

1.) As previously mentioned, spirits of “higher rank” (the ranking system is more of a way for man to understand them) have other spirits who can carry out the task for them. Think of how you would hire a landscaping company to come work on your lawn. The person who answers the phone and arranges the appointment isn’t necessarily going to be the one who does the work.

  1. spirits are not limited to the physical restrictions that we are. This can allow them to have influence on multiple situations at the same time in different locations if they decide to help with the situations themselves. This is where omnipresence comes to play.

  2. there is an option where the actual spirit is not doing the work at all but helps to open the current of energy they rule over so the magician can tap into and use it to aid in the situation. They may also help guide or teach the magician how to use that source of power. Think of it as teaching a hungry man how to fish as opposed to giving him one.


This is my UPG on the subject: the Abrahamic god is an egregore who got more power over time. My evidence for this is that angels and demons are older than the Abrahamic religions.

As such, they don’t rely on, nor require, power from that god.

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