Spirits of lust

Hello everyone I am new to this forum but I was just wondering if I could get some of your opinions and know your experiences with demons and/or spirits of Lust who could bring me a girlfriend (e.i which ones give the most effective and quickest results) please if you can help me out lol

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There’s plenty in arms goetia. However I’d advice that you still have to work on yourself. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, then a spirit will need to force a woman to like you. And that might cause problems. Possibly abuse.

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I’d suggest looking to other spirits first to improve your circumstance and self image first.

@Johnny_Samhain well i wouldnt really say its a confidence issue its more of a picky thing tbh

Then I stand corrected. Plenty of spirits help people find romantic partners. So, I’d say you look for a spirit who’s more of a matchmaker. But read ars goetia.

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